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You know that kind of movies that make you say "Now that’s a director with lots of imagination!" In this kind of movies there are cars, planes and houses that you can not even imagine they might even exist. And ABJ Fusion Concept is a VIP aircraft that seems to be landed from a movie just like this.

It was designed for product launches, sports teams, musicians, celebrities, exclusive travel market, and corporate VIP. It is akin to a flying limousine service providing a seamless and exclusive travel experience.

The aircraft gets air stairs at the front and rear of the aircraft to provide an easy and elegant way for the passengers to board and large cabin interior that provides enough room for 19 passengers within the three lounges in a relaxed and informal atmosphere.

A bar and intimate seating area is located half way down the aircraft underneath the wing box punctuating the uninterrupted view down the cabin with a change in texture and color. As there is no requirement for additional exit doors in the mid cabin area this has allowed the design team to develop an interior layout that concentrates on delivering a functional and harmonious solution.

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You remember Honda’s famous tagline, "The Power of Dreams"? Well, as far as their ambitious HondaJet project is concerned, it’s looking more and more like they’re going to need more than the power of dreams to get it off the ground.

According to Automotive News, Honda has once again delayed the release of their new plane, saying that a number of component issues will keep the HondaJet grounded at least for another two years. What those "component issues" are is anyone’s guess and when asked about the specific delays, HondaJet spokesman Stephen Keeney could only say, "Regrettably, we’ve experienced delays in some components."

This is now the second delay by Honda with regards to producing those $3.9 million jets and there’s no word as to whether there might be more postponements in the future. One thing we can count on is that the Japanese company’s plan of taking to the skies this year will have to be pushed back yet again.

Source: Autonews

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