1982 - 2010 Cessna Super Cargomaster

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Cessna Super Cargomaster, the ultimate aircraft in freight-hauling operations, combines the size and utility of the Grand Caravan with an economic, cargo-dedicated interior for freight operators.

This aircraft stands by its cargo-ready features, including replaceable flat wood-floor, durable interior sidewalls and a practical, a cargo barrier aft of the pilot seats, and pre-marked loading zones.

This nine seats aircraft, with a single person crew, having a FAR Part 23 waiver, it can seat up to fourteen passengers, also durable interior sidewalls, a practical, replaceable flat wood-floor and a cargo barrier aft of the pilot seats.

The phenomenal Pratt & Whitney PT-6A, legendary for its unparalleled reliability and dependability, cruises at 175 knots (324 km/hr).

You and your cargo will be safe, because there is spacious flat flooring that helps you to deliver the goods.

Cessna Super Cargomaster

This aircraft keeps up with the most demanding requirements, whatever your destination is, it can take you there and it can land in places at your choice. If you are hunter or fisherman, Cessna Super Cargomaster can get you in virgin and beautiful places. There is plenty luggage space and room for your best friends. Flexibility is another word to describe this aircraft.

Cessna Super Cargomaster

Cessna Super Cargomaster: With 340 cu ft, the Super CargoMaster has the same size as the Grand Caravan, but with 220 lbs additional payload. Its interior has been specially designed for cargo operations. With its hard-wearing interior paneling, a practical, exchangeable wooden floor and the marked loading zone it is uncompromisingly equipped for optimum cargo operations. A solid barrier directly behind the two pilot seats ensures additional high-quality protection of the pilots against slipping cargo. If you are in the cargo business the Super CargoMaster is your future!”

Cessna Super Cargomaster The Exterior

Cessna Super Cargomaster

Cessna Super Cargomaster has the required equipment to handle problematical situations. The large wings offer some advantages to this aircraft , great visibility, stability, sun blocking and also weather protection.
Another characteristic of this amazing airplane is the easy access to pilot, passenger and cargo doors.

easy for maintenance and repair

Also the durable aluminum from which is built Caravan makes it easy for maintenance and repair. The airframe has no life limits.
There are still many things to say about function and design. Cessna Super Cargomaster is an excellent aircraft of land, air and sea, no matter what kind of weather is, it can make your wish came true.

The flexibility is another characteristic of this aircraft and this feature is because some important elements such as: the main gear (with a flexible design perfect for grass, gravel and even rough airstrips), the nose gear

your landing will be as smooth as the flight itself.

(is engineered to absorb both vertical and lateral force), the large rough-field tires and also the floats that you can add to your Caravan, in this way your landing will be as smooth as the flight itself. A durable airstair is created to help the passengers to board quickly; also the door is easily closed or opened from outside or inside. For increasing the safety it has been engineered a TKS anti-icing system.
So, the performances are at maximum.

DimensionsSuper Cargomaster
Height15 ft 6 in (4.72 m)
Length41 ft 7 in (12.68 m)
Wingspan52 ft 1 in (15.88 m)

Cessna Super Cargomaster Interior

Cessna Super Cargomaster

If you are flying either with your family or for business interest the Cessna Super Cargomaster is the best decision you can take. In this aircraft can fit 12 passengers, it has up to 340 cubic feet (9.6 m3), also you can carry a lot of cargo and your excursions will be excellent.
This aircraft has some other things to offers you like a rugged, flat floor and an additional 220 pounds more payload, also the pilot and aft cabin baggage area is 427 cubic feet.
You can reposition or remove the seats to facilitate the passengers or cargo position.

Height54 in (1.37 m)
Width64 in (1.62 m)
Length21 ft 4 in (6.49 m)
Standard Seating Capacity2
Baggage Capacity451 cubic ft (12.8 cubic m)

Cessna Super Cargomaster Avionics

Cessna Super Cargomaster

We can observe here the Garmin G1000 glass cockpit which integrates all primary flight, also an engine and a sensor data, necessary for flight.
The system is composed of: a dual Nav/Comm/GPS, a fully integrated transponder, Two LCD primary flight displays.
Another important piece is the Multifunction Display from center that presents the real-time flight-critical data, including traffic, digital attitude, heading, engine, airframe Indication and Crew Alerting.
We should consider the facility of Garmin’s new digital, fully-integrated GFC 700 automated flight control system.
With all these things your safety and confidence definitely will be at maximum.

Flight Control System

Cessna Super Cargomaster

The controls for the Garmin GFC have innovative features like: airspeed hold, pitch hold and coupled VNAV, overspeed protection. We should add here a significant thing: the lateral and vertical guidance, also the capabilities formerly are available only on the most sophisticated business jets.

Color Weather Radar

The weather is a major problem for many aircrafts. So, for observing and avoiding rough weather, the G1000 glass incorporates the Garmin GWX 68 Airborne Color Weather Radar, that will offers to the pilot the best detailed pictures of flight conditions, which increases safety of the aircraft.

Cessna Super Cargomaster Engine

Cessna Super Cargomaster

This aircraft has over 300 million total flight hours to its credit. The revise of the Caravan’s Pratt & Whitney PT6 engine should be done at the interval of 3,600 hours and a hot section inspection at 1,800 hours. An important thing in that in less than 15 minutes, the cowling can be removed, showing the engine and accessories, so you can keep this magnificent aircraft in the sky, where it belongs.

Producing 675 horsepower at 1,900 rpm, Cessna Super Cargomaster is powered by a Pratt & Whitney PT6A-114A turboprop engine, a more powerful engine than at the other Caravan model.

The engine indication system shows numeric readouts of critical engine fuel and electrical indications for torque and other. Also it’s installed a wet type standby engine torque gauge.

Cessna Super Cargomaster Safety

Cessna Super Cargomaster
  • For more than 80 years, Cessna Aircraft Company has been around, proving that their safety is the best one. Cessna Caravan customers have a lot of advantages: first is the insurance, second – the lower costs, third – the confidence, all these comprise they needs.
  • Durable landing gear demonstrates that you can have the smooth landings ever.
  • The Garmin G1000 glass cockpit includes all primary flight, engine and sensor data to provide instinctive, at-a-glance situational awareness.
  • But most importantly, the Cessna efforts to improve safety have a great consequence like the peace of mind and the confidence when you take to the skies.
Cessna Super Cargomaster


PerformanceSuper Cargomaster
Single Pilot CertifiedYes
Maximum Cruise Speed175 ktas (324 km/h)
Certified Ceiling25,000 ft (7,620 m)
Airport Performance
Takeoff Distance2,500 ft (762 m)
Landing Distance1,740 ft (530 m)
Rate of Climb at Sea Level925 fpm (282 mpm)
Range869 nm (1,609 km)
Maximum Weights Super Cargomaster
Ramp Weight8,785 lb (3,985 kg)
Takeoff Weight8,750 lb (3,969 kg)
Landing Weight8,500 lb (3,856 kg)
Zero Fuel WeightN/A lb (N/A kg)
Usable Fuel Capacity2,224 lb (1,009 kg)
Typically-Equipped Empty Weight4,813 lb (2,183 kg)
Useful Load3,972 lb (1,802 kg)
Maximum Payload3,687 lb (1,672 kg)
Full-Fuel Payload1,748 lb (793 kg)
Cessna Super Cargomaster
Powerplant Super Cargomaster
ManufacturerPratt & Whitney
Model (Number)PT6A-114A (1)
Time Between Overhauls3,600 hr

Pricing and Cost

Price is $1,812,500

Operating CostsSuper Cargomaster
Cost per Mile$2.22
Cost per Hour$366

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