Electric bicycles

Electric bicycles

  Electric bicycles are most beneficial if you ride hilly terrain, they will charge on the way down and the electric motor will help you on the way up where you need it most. Electric bikes come in many frame styles: mountain bikes, road performance, city commuters...

Audi chose the Woerthersee Tour to unveil one of the most impressive bikes we have ever seen. The Audi e-bike Woerthersee Concept is neither a pedelec nor a conventional bike, so it can be easily described as the bike of the future. It is made of carbon fiber ensuring a very low weight; the 26-inch wheels weigh just 1.32 lbs each and the frame just 3.53 lbs, while the entire bike weighs just 46.30 lbs.

An electric motor sends its power to the rear wheels and delivers a total of 3HP and 184.39 lb-ft of torque. The engine takes its power from a lithium-ion battery housed in the frame that can be recharged in two and a half hours.

The bike can be driven in three modes. In "Pure" mode, when the rider only propels the bike by means of the pedals, the bike can hit a top speed of 50 mph and has an autonomy between 31 and 44 miles. Then, there is the "eGrip" mode, which is when the electric motor is providing all the necessary power. In this version, you can hit a top speed of 31 mph. Finally, in "Wheelie" mode, the power flow is electronically controlled in order to assist the rider when the front wheel is in the air.

Next to this impressive electric system, the new e-bike has also been equipped with a nine-speed hydraulically actuated gear shift, LED Lights, and an on-boar computer located in the frame top tube and operated using a touchscreen.

We can only hope that this concept will become reality at some point!

EH Line has unveiled the new Street Racer e-Bike, promising that it will be the most impressive electric bike you have seen and calling it "the Ferrari of all electric bikes." The new EH Line Street Racer e-Bike can hit a top speed of 45 km/h (28 mph) - an impressive top speed considering that a standard electric bike can hit an average speed of 15 mph.

The new EH Line Street Racer e-Bike is powered by a 250 watt motor, but in training mode, the e-bike uses a BionX engine that has the capacity to learn the power of the rider’s foot as it pushes the electric pedals. The new bike weighs just 35 lbs and features an aluminum monocoque.

The EH Line Street Racer E-Bike is priced at 6,990 euro, or approximately $9,250 at the current exchange rates. It’s kind of expensive, but it may be totally worth the price considering it will offer riders the most amazing electric ride.

Recently, electric cars have conquered the market, and now it seems as though the same thing may happen for bikes. Electric bikes are becoming more and more popular, but just as their electric car counterparts, they are not as fast as we would like them to be so companies are now working on producing bikes that are as fast as possible. The new Specialized Turbo electric bike is the perfect example of the new generation of electric bikes, built for speed. It was designed to hit a top speed of 24 mph - an impressive increase over the average 15 mph speed of existing e-bikes.

The Specialized Turbo Electric Bike is powered by a direct-drive 250W motor in its rear-wheel hub, while the rear wheels work as a regenerative braking system. This braking system can be switched on and off offering riders the chance to save some energy. The bike will also be equipped with a carbon fiber disk brake and custom alloy frame for safety at high speeds.

The new Specialized Turbo went on sale in April 2012 and is priced at €5499 - or about $7200 at the current exchange rates. For that price, we may have to just stick to a little muscle power.

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