Hybrid bicycles

Hybrid bicycles

  Hybrid bicycles are crossovers in between 10 speed road bicycles, mountain bicycles and beach cruiser. They feature thin but strong tires, almost straight up seating position and light weight frame, they are ideal for city commuting or long cruise, but prefer mountain bikes if you need heavy duty trail riding or road bikes if you are all about performance.

Recently, electric cars have conquered the market, and now it seems as though the same thing may happen for bikes. Electric bikes are becoming more and more popular, but just as their electric car counterparts, they are not as fast as we would like them to be so companies are now working on producing bikes that are as fast as possible. The new Specialized Turbo electric bike is the perfect example of the new generation of electric bikes, built for speed. It was designed to hit a top speed of 24 mph - an impressive increase over the average 15 mph speed of existing e-bikes.

The Specialized Turbo Electric Bike is powered by a direct-drive 250W motor in its rear-wheel hub, while the rear wheels work as a regenerative braking system. This braking system can be switched on and off offering riders the chance to save some energy. The bike will also be equipped with a carbon fiber disk brake and custom alloy frame for safety at high speeds.

The new Specialized Turbo went on sale in April 2012 and is priced at €5499 - or about $7200 at the current exchange rates. For that price, we may have to just stick to a little muscle power.

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When it comes about sports cars Porsche is no doubt the maker that makes the best impression on us. But sometimes, the German brand forgets about building sports car and is focusing on something else. This time on bikes. Their new RS (Rennsport) Carbon Bicycle is priced at $7,900 and can be offered in sizes S, M and L.

The new RS Carbon Bicycle exterior is painted in very cool carbon grey metallic combined with a black interior. The bike’s frame is made from carbon fiber, and so are the forks, handlebars, stem and seat post. The bike is equipped with 29in Crank Brothers Cobalt wheels - a very popular choice among off-road mountain bikers. Customers will also get 20 speed Shimano XTR and new the latest generation hydraulic Magura disk brakes. The bike also weights just 13 lbs.

Of course you won’t be able to hit the same speed you will hit while driving a sports car, but you will speeds you won’t while riding another bikes.

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