Lamborghini bicycles

Lamborghini’s 50th anniversary celebration has featured some pretty interesting special-edition vehicles, highlighted by the three-off, ultra expensive Veveno supercar.

But the Italian automaker isn’t done with its celebration because they have another special-edition vehicle on the horizon, albeit one that only comes with two wheels and no engine.

In collaboration with Swiss bicycle brand BMC, Lamborghini is proud to present the BMC Lamborghini 50th Anniversary Edition Impec bicycle. And it retails at €25,000, which is about $32,000 based on current exchange rates.

There are two ways to look at this bicycle: it’s either one of the most expensive bicycles in the world, or it’s the cheapest new Lamborghini in the world.

Either way, the BMC Lamborghini 50th Anniversary Edition Impec is inspired by the Aventador and is based on BMC’s carbon-fiber-framed Impec bicycle. It also has a unique yellow finish to go with some Italian components and the same leather treatment used in the Italian supercar

If not for that astronomical price tag, we’d consider the BMC Lamborghini 50th Anniversary Edition Impec as a value purchase. BMC and Lambo are only building 50 units so you know that it lives by its special edition designation.

There might come a day when shelling out over $20,000 on a ridiculous purchase might not be a big deal for us. Unfortunately, today isn’t one of those days. That’s why as much as we’re intrigued about it, we’re not about to spend €20,000 - $26,300! - on a bicycle.

In defense to this product, though, it’s no ordinary bicycle. It’s commissioned by Lamborghini and comes with plenty of carbon fiber components. It’s also fitted with low-profile performance tires and has tight gearing ratios. Plus, only 30 will be made by Italian manufacturer BMC, which makes it a limited quality item.’s still a bicycle.

Paying that much money for a bicycle isn’t exactly our definition of a sane purchase. Even more so when you consider that for that price, you can actually a buy a sports coupe like the Scion FR-S . Add on a few more thousands and you can score an entry-level Ford Mustang !

We have no doubts that there could very well be a market for a bike like this - limited as it may be. But take us out of that small population, because as much as we’re enamored by the way it looks, we’re not about to spend $25,000 on a bicycle.

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