2007 Azimut 103S

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It is always a question of choice. Choosing an opportunity or an ambitious goal. The strength to decide, and the desire to have the best, including the best technology. Cruising at top speed, listening to the hiss of the water jets and observing the sheer grace of my yacht cutting through the wind, I get to thinking that there is beauty in performance and performance in beauty.

Azimut Yachts proudly presents its new flagship yacht from the Open S range. A masterpiece of yacht design that combines Italian style with the latest technology.

Azimut 103S

The World premiere for the new Azimut 103S took place at the XV International Dubai Boat Show in March. The Middle East is one of Azimut’s prime markets and ART Marine of Dubai, the winner of the Best Overseas Dealer at the last Azimut Dealers’ Meeting, will acted as host for the launch in Dubai.This exciting new project was the creative concept of Stefano Righini and the Azimut Design Team, who have combined their talents to design a prestigious sports yacht where the focus would be on freedom:

  • Freedom to enjoy the lounge and cockpit as a single open space by simply opening the large connecting doors.
  • Freedom for the owner and guests to fully enjoy the intimacy of the areas designed for them, with the crew areas having fully independent access thanks to careful design.
  • Freedom to navigate on a yacht that combines the stunning beauty of the latest styling with the reliability and performance created from the best innovation and technological research.

The creative style of the interiors is the work of Carlo Galeazzi, who excels in the use of luxury materials to create an exclusive style. For the exterior Azimut’s unique Bordeaux Red was chosen as the colour of the hull of the 103S giving this model a unique and exciting personality.

Pioneers in excellence, Azimut has now set important new standards in the design of Open boats with its 103S. Here the application of new structural criteria and the use of the latest high technology have been combined to simplify life on board and raise comfort and style to new levels.

Azimut 103S

The innovative design of the Azimut 103S means maximum external leisure areas: three wide terraces overlooking the sea, with the stern platform, the cockpit, the relaxing area at the bow and the new upper deck space covering a total surface area of 143.518 square yards.

I have always thought that to look ahead you need a good point of observation: a preferential view of my own space and my desire to live in freedom. In the open air - in the cockpit, the relaxing area at the bow or the sunbathing area on the upper deck, caressed by the uplifting scent of the sea breeze, everything comes into focus. And I can truly relax.

For the first time ever on an Open model, Azimut Yachts has included an upper deck accessible through a cockpit stairway. At the forward end of this upper deck are the pilothouse and a new design of navigation control centre that grants the owner and his guests the freedom to enjoy vast internal and external spaces.

At the bow there is a large sunbathing area that includes a C-shaped sofa and two small sliding tables. This area is wide and squared off so that the space in the VIP cabin below can be extended.

Azimut 103S

The large windows that represent one of the main features of the S range are particularly important on this model since they provide a remarkable cascade of light in both the lounge and the staterooms. Besides the now-famous square hull windows developed by Azimut there are butterfly shaped windows at the bow, and two new similar shaped scenic windows that provide generous natural light in the two twin-bed guest cabins.

For the first time in the yachting world, the cockpit is provided with innovative and luxurious furnishing ideas that match the style of the interior décor. This has been made possible by an extensive search for exclusive materials that are resistant to weathering.

Upper deck

The Upper Deck is one of the strong points of this new Azimut 103S design. This is a unique area for a large Open yacht and this deck not only offers an additional sunbathing area for the owner and his guests but also a separate control centre for the for the crew that does not interfere with the privacy of the social life on board.Private access from the cockpit leads to this 376.736 square foot deck that is equipped with a sitting area with C-shaped sofa and two comfortable sun loungers.

Main deck

The glass access door to the lounge is made up of three sliding panels that completely disappear behind the stairway leading to the upper bridge. Once again Azimut Yachts makes its mark on the world of yacht design with this state of the art concept. When the sliding door is fully open the lounge and cockpit combine with matching decors to create one huge social area for the owner and guests.

Azimut 103S

At the entrance to the lounge, there is a bar to the right while comfortable sofas can be found to the left. Azimut’s trade mark ‘shark-fin’ windows on the deckhouse sides enhances the salon light with the support structures holding the glass reduced to a minimum in order to allow as much natural light as possible to filter through. The glass makes up 80% of the side of the deckhouse.

As well as the windscreen and side windows, the lounge is illuminated by glass panels in the unique hard top Two of the glass panels in the hard top can be opened to create a huge 150.694 square foot window to the sky. The glass in the deckhouse has been designed to reduce internal overheating to a minimum with the side windows having a mirrored finish and the hardtop panels and the windscreen formed with layers of tinted glass.

The owner’s personal galley has been conceived on an intermediate level located between the main deck and lower deck allowing the owner maximum privacy to use this area thanks to its private access which is completely separate from the crew’s quarters. The design of this galley, created “ad hoc” by use of the exclusive Boffi brand on the 103S, confirms the high level of attention paid by Azimut Yachts to the quality of the fittings and furnishings.

Lower deck

The original concept for the lower deck developed by Stefano Righini offers four staterooms. The owner’s full width stateroom is located at the centre of the yacht for maximum comfort and offers more space than any other yacht in this category. The bed is at the centre facing the bow whilst at the sides of the hull, adjacent to the large square windows, are a desk on the starboard side and a small lounge on the port side, both overlooking the sea.

The VIP stateroom is in the bow with the bed located at an angle of 45 degrees. The two identical twin-bed guest staterooms, each with its en-suite bathroom, can be accessed from the same corridor that leads forward to the VIP stateroom.

The lighting, both the natural and the artificial light, act as important aspects of the interior design. The large windows make the internal space an area to be enjoyed even during the day, whilst at night; the lighting is diffused through back-lit panels with controls for mood lighting.

The crew quarters are accessed by a port side walkway and include two cabins and two bathrooms. The crew galley and dining area are also located here.

Azimut 103S


When you ware a child you used to close your eyes and imagine that you ware on a big terrace overlooking the ocean. Now when you open them you see that you are on that terrace. And if you wish, no one need disturb these magical moments. On your yacht the crew areas and the space you share with your guests are completely separate, and there is a second control center for piloting the craft externally. The utmost seclusion to let you live out your dreams.


Why limit yourself? Why not live without boundaries? Every aspect of my life reflects this philosophy. In your boat the interior communicates with the exterior through the transparency of crystal glass. The lounge and cockpit share the same vision, bathed in the same bright light, featuring the same décor throughout. When you open the big crystal glass door it becomes one big open space with a great feeling of freedom. Why limit yourself?

Dining area

The dining area is where laughter is most often heard, and where the most sincere conversations take place. You love giving your friends the warmest possible welcome. And this is no problem, because with the hard top closed, the crew can go about their work without passing through the saloon. And it is in privacy and comfort that the warmth of true friendship is rekindled.

Azimut 103S


From here the sea always looks docile. It willingly accepts the authority of the yacht, which has a powerful engine at its heart and a sharp mind in its wheelhouse. When you sit at the controls, protected by windows specially designed to prevent overheating, you perceive its authority. You are ready to express your wishes.


A night-time snack or some quality time to ourselves, in our own company. The designers have tucked your personal galley away between the main and lower decks. You can access it privately from the saloon, meaning it is completely separate from the crew’s galley, allowing your guests and you all the privacy you could wish for.

Owner stateroom

You love light and space. When you look right through the full width stateroom from your bed, the sunshine is like a layer of golden silk over my thoughts. Your mind drifts across the sea, and you can look out over the waves from the lounge area or from your desk by the window. Yourthoughts need light and space.

Azimut 103S

VIP stateroom

In the VIP stateroom and the two guest cabins I can be sure that my hospitality shines through, because on board light flows freely. By day it comes in through the large windows, while at night the artificial lighting creates an atmosphere of unique elegance. A touch of light is a touch of class.

Guest stateroom

In the twin-bed guest staterooms my guests can enjoy all the light which floods in through the large windows, and take in their sea view. Their cabins, each with en-suite bathroom, offer the consummate luxury that distinguishes every part of the yacht.


Azimut 103S

Length overall (including pulpit): 101 foots & 5 inches
Beam at main section: 19 foots & 1inch
Draft (including props. at full load): 4 foots & 5 inches
Displacement (at full load): 231.485 lbs
Engines: 2 X 243475 mHP (1790 kW) MTU V16 2000 M93 Kamewa - Rolls Royce water jets
Maximum speed (at half load): 34 knots
Cruising speed (at half load): 30 knots
Fuel capacity: 3,262 US gls
Water capacity: 661 US gls
Cabins: 4 + crew
Berths: 8 + crew
Head compartments: 4 + crew
Building material: GRP
Keel: V-shape with angle of deadrise 18.8 degrees aft
Exterior Styling & Concept: Stefano Righini
Interior Designer: Carlo Galeazzier: Azimut

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