2007 Azimut 98

A megayacht with dynamic, flowing lines, that doesn’t compromise on interior space and liveability. This is Azimut 98 Leonardo, the ocean coupĂ©. Why? Sporting drive and impeccable style, combined with skilful optimisation of available space. Be prepared to enjoy the taste of the sea. Be prepared to skim over the water’s taut surface, as if in flight.

The boat is very well built, strong and stiff and intelligently engineered for minimal displacement and maximum speed. The molded stairs to the flybridge are safe and convenient, unlike the inclined ladders seen on most US-built convertibles.

Azimut 98

The Azimut is an intelligently designed, very well built cruiser, with a lot to offer for family cruising. It has an excellent hull design, and moderate, seakindly proportions, unlike much of its domestically produced competition. That allows a family to run around at 20 or 25 knots in a moderate chop without getting their kidneys knocked loose in the process.

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