After 7 days on the water Tony Bullimore reports problems

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Date: May 8 2007 08:06 GMT
Position: 49’ 43"S 173’ 31"E
Speed: 11.1 knots
Course: 288 Degrees true
Wind conditions: SW 14 knots

British round the world yachtsman Tony Bullimore reported today that rigging problems aboard his 102 ft. catamaran Doha have forced him to slow right down while he effects repairs.

In a brief message relayed back to Team Bullimore’s Press Office, Tony said that conditions were now light, and he was about to make repairs to the 112 ft. rig. "There is no cause for concern. Everything is under control." He assured his team.

Doha crossed into the Roaring Forty latitudes at 04:00 GMT today after Bullimore took the prudent decision yesterday, to get out of the way of the latest low pressure system centerd in the mid 50 latitudes which was due to cross his path on May 9.

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