America's Cup - All square after four races

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Four days have passed since the 32nd edition of the America’s Cup Mach has begun, and the winner is still insecure. Who will claim this year trophy? Last year’s winner Alinghi or their challenger Emirates Team New Zealand? We’ll have to wait at least three more races to find out. Or maybe five races! I think I’m going to bet on five races! The stake is too high so booth teams will fight until the end of the night race, and maybe after that, who knows? This won’t be the last year when we’ll be sad, or happy during America’s Cup, so they have all the time in the world to meet again.

America's Cup - All square after four races

Ok, let’s get to the fact! Alinghi won the first race of the Cup Match and I think no one was surprised by that. The Swiss team was quicker to get up to speed after a very good start and won the first race by 35 seconds. Of course Emirates team New Zealand didn’t back out and won the second race by 28 seconds after a better start than Alinghi.

I know what you’re thinking right now! The Swiss won the first race, the New Zealanders the second, so the Swiss won the third race. WRONG! They almost won the third race. After an aggressive pre-start – like all pre-starts between the two teams – Alinghi launched off and around the first mark they had a 300 meters advantage. The Kiwis, after a messy spinnaker drop that forced them to sacrifice it and after a mistake made by the Swiss, past Alinghi and won the race by 25 seconds. The fourth race was claimed by Alinghi after a close race. They past the finish line 30 seconds before the Kiwis.

America's Cup - All square after four races

Today the teams will rest and prepare their tactics for the next races. The fifth race begins Friday 29 June.

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