Around the world in 70 days

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British yachtsman Tony Bullimore set out from Hobart, Australia on the Blue Ocean Wireless Round the World Challenge determined to break the 70 day barrier for sailing solo non-stop around the world.

Sailing his 102 ft. catamaran Doha, the 68 year old yachtsman crossed the start line between the Iron Pot Lighthouse and Pearson’s Point marking the entrance to the River Derwent, at an effortless 16 knots, to quickly leave the flotilla of spectator craft in his wake.

Around the world in 70 days

Bullimore plans to complete his round the world voyage in 70 days, broken down in an estimated timeline:

  • Hobart to Cape Horn - 15 days
  • Equator - 26 days
  • Flores - 36 days
  • Equator - 46 days
  • Cape of Good Hope - 56 days
  • Hobart - 70 days

Position Report - Day 1

Date: May 1 2007
Time: 22:00 GMT
Position: 46 26S 150 52E
Course: 130 Degrees True
Wind Conditions: NNE 30-40 Knots

Around the world in 70 days

Tony Bullimore has made an excellent start on the Blue Ocean Wireless Round the World Challenge, having averaged more than 18 knots over the first 16 hours. His giant catamaran "Doha" has been spurting up to 25 knots as the winds increased to 38 knots, gusting to 45 knots during his first night at sea.

The British yachtsman reported that the Tasman seas were choppy but that the 102 ft. "Doha" was taking them in her stride. "I got a reef in early and everything is going smoothly" he reported.

Lee Bruce, Team Bullimore’s weather router, has advised Tony that the winds should stay NNE for the next 24 hours but increase to 45 knots over the next 12 hours. Then, after 12:00 GMT May 2, the winds will become more northerly and continue blowing at more than 25 knots for the next four days.

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