Beneteau and Dsm Dyneema partner to improve sailboat performance

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Beneteau, the world’s leading builder of sailboats, have designated Dyneema, the world’s strongest fiber, as their material of choice for running rigging and have entered into a landmark three-year partnership with DSM Dyneema. The partnership is aimed at improving the sailing performance of Beneteau boats through the use of next-generation running rigging made with ultra-strong, lightweight Dyneema polyethylene fiber. The high-performance rigging, produced by Corderie Henry Lancelin, will be used in the majority of performance cruising sailboats built by Beneteau, including the complete Beneteau First range.

Beneteau and Dsm Dyneema partner to improve sailboat performance

To celebrate the partnership and gain first hand experience, DSM Dyneema will compete with a Beneteau First 34.7 sailboat, skippered by Jimmy Pahun, in the Spi Ouest-France race in La Trinité-Sur-Mer, France.

Eric Ingouf, Business Manager for Beneteau First, said, "Running rigging is an essential part of the overall performance of a sailboat. As the world leader in sailboat technology, we constantly strive to improve the speed, control and handling of our boats. Our collaboration with Corderie Henry Lancelin and DSM Dyneema holds great promise for significant performance gains through the use of super-strong, lightweight and durable Dyneema fiber in running rigging. We believe this partnership will provide our customers with a new level of responsiveness and speed".

Compared to standard ropes made from polyester, rigging made with Dyneema provides increased strength at lower weight. This enables ropes to have a smaller diameter for easier handling. Also, by minimizing weight above the waterline, sailing performance can be greatly enhanced. This new rigging reduces stretch by a factor of three compared to ropes with polyester, resulting in greater control and less energy absorption. The force of the wind can be largely converted into speed instead of absorbed by the rigging.

Beneteau and Dsm Dyneema partner to improve sailboat performance

Another benefit of Dyneema fiber is its exceptional durability. The high-modulus polyethylene fiber is highly resistant to abrasion, chafing, bending fatigue, UV light and salt water, producing a reliable rig with long service life. Finally, the smooth material allows free running of the ropes.

Marcel Alberts, Area Manager DSM Dyneema Sports said, "We have closely collaborated with Beneteau and Corderie Henry Lancelin to improve the running rigging. We strongly believe that the performance cruiser can get more out of the boat by using rigging with Dyneema. Our strategic partnership with Beneteau will focus on innovation to enhance the rigging even further over the coming years. Together, we will produce additional refinements to push sailing performance to new levels".

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