Earthrace reach the Red Sea

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Earthrace continues its quest to break the world record for circumnavigation of the globe by a powerboat. Earthrace entered the Red Sea May 22 2007, with a Northern path towards the Suez Canal.

Traveling north up the Red Sea is generally regarded as being one of the more difficult sea-going passages because of traditionally large head seas, however, Pete Bethune, the skipper of Earthrace, said this morning that “we are experiencing reasonably flat and calm conditions in the Red Sea which is a pleasant surprise. We were bracing ourselves initially for a tough time, but I’m very pleased to report that this is not the case”.

Earthrace reach the Red Sea

Earthrace expects to arrive in Port Suez around midday Thursday, May 24 and to gain a special dispensation to transit through the canal on the same day. If a same day transit is not made possible Earthrace will transit with the usual convey on Friday, May 25. It is expected to take approximately 12 hours to travel the length of the canal to the northern exit point at Port Said.

Following the canal will be a journey to Malaga, Spain, a distance of approximately 1800 nautical miles.

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