Formula 1 Powerboat - UIM World Chamionship

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Formula 1 Powerboat racing is the most spectacular water sport in the world. It has been described as driving the F1 race car at full speed over a ploughed field. Formula 1 Powerboats accelerate faster than even the most state-of-the-art F1 cars; they are capable of going from standstill to 86.39 knots (100 mph) in only 4 seconds.

Formula 1 Powerboat - UIM World Chamionship

Formula 1 Powerboat racing has to be seen to believe. Spectators who are new to this most spectacular water sport are invariably left spellbound when they witness these lightweight catamarans defying the laws of gravity and virtually lifted in the air during high-speed manoeuvre with only a portion of the boat in contact with the water.

It is amazing that these boats can manage to maintain their balance in more than 86.39 knots (100 mph), taking hairpin turns at 78.20 knots (90 mph) without brakes and shifting gears, what’s more with limited visibility, One tiny error of judgement would spell high-speed disaster.

Driving a powerboat is like piloting a fighter jet, F1 pilots need to have that split-second decision making capability and nerves of steel because once strapped into his fully enclosed safety capsule, he has only his skills, courage and a certain amount of luck to achieve success on the race circuit.

Formula 1 Powerboat - UIM World Chamionship

The Boats: up to 24 lightweight, 16-foot carbon fiber catamaran hurtle around a racing circuit at speeds topping 112.96 knots (130mph); all boats are powered by highly tuned V6 outboard engines, each pumping out 400 horsepower at 10,000 rpm; they boast an awesome power to weight ratio, weighing in at around 1100 lbs with a 425hp fully-tuned engine strapped on the transom; they have no brakes or gearboxes.

2007 Calendar

Portugal, Portimao - May 13
France, La Rochelle - May 20
Greece, Corfu - July 1 (to be confirmed)
Singapore, Singapore - August 18
Malaysia, Kuala Terengganu - September 8
China, Xi’An - October 5
China, Shenzhen - October 21
Qatar, Doha - November 24
UAE, Abu Dhabi - December 8
UAE, Sharjah - December 15
Reserve Date: South Korea, Seoul - to be announced

Formula 1 Powerboat - UIM World Chamionship

Teams and Drivers 2007

Emirates F1:
Gillman Scott
Al Qamzi Thani
Al Hamli Hamed

XPV Racing:
Trask Bob
Trask David

F1 Team Energy:
Selio Sami
Stanislav Kourtsenovsky

China CTIC Team Charente-Maritimespacer:
Dessertenne Philippe
Peng Linwu

Atlantic Team:
Chiappe Philippe
Benavente Duarte

Qatar Team:
Price Jay
Roggiero Massimo
Bonelli Leo

F1 Team Sweden:
Andersson Jonas
Tourre Philippe

Comparato Racing Team:
Roberto Luigi
Comparato Fabio

Tamoil F1 Team:
Cappellini Guido
Gambi Marco

Singha Racing Team:
Moreschi Massimiliano
Cantando Francesco

Rainbow Team:
Bocca Fabrizio
Lagiannella Valerio

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