Lagoon 500 exhilarating performance passage

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Lagoon 500 Margarita recently came back from Vladivostok to Singapore with a new record: 12 days, this is an average speed of 15 knots with a top speed recorded of 22.1 knots. Captain of Margarita, Mr. Alexander Shatokhin said it was the most exciting and pleasing voyage of his career.

Lagoon 500 Margarita sailed together with the Lagoon 440 Arabella on the first 100 miles of the journey. Then Lagoon 440 Arabella headed Korea and Lagoon 500 Margarita took the direction of Singapore. The two cruising catamarans, who have clocked over 12.000 miles in one year, will meet again soon in Singapore.

Lagoon 500 exhilarating performance passage

The Lagoon 500 was designed by Marc Van Peteghem and Vincent Lauriot Prevost, who have won a record number of awards for multiple-hulled boats (in 2004, boats they designed won the four first places in the famous English Transatlantic race), and benefits from the latest developments in naval architecture.

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