Melbourne Osaka Cup 2007 is over

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Campbell Reynolds/David Best (Esoterica) crossed, today, the finish line of the double handed 2007 Melbourne Osaka yacht race, bringing the event to an end.

Esoterica, a comfortable Martz 46, finished in 12th place on line on May 7 with an elapsed time of 43 days 04 hours 16 minutes 35 seconds, the last yacht to finish the race, a little over 10 days behind the winner Alex and more than two days behind the 10th and 11th finishers, Ingenue and Wild Bar.

Reynolds and Best declared to officials that they had used their engine a couple of times to get through no breeze areas, a ‘no wind’ situation. Because of this, on finishing the race, the two graciously retired.

"We had sail damage and I we were carrying to much stuff – we were overweight. We just wanted to get here, so we motored when we felt we had to,” the 45 year old skipper said.

Melbourne Osaka Cup 2007 is over

An experienced sailor of 20 years Reynolds, from Main Beach in Southport, admitted: “We enjoyed the race – well most of it, but I have never raced this far before – it’s too long a time at sea racing for me. I’m glad we did it, but I don’t think I would race such a long distance again.”

Reynolds also said: “The race took us longer than we thought it would and it was pretty hard towards the end – we had up to 45 knots of wind against a 4 knot tide – and we were doing around 2 knots of boat speed – going nowhere fast! We didn’t really get any of the trade winds everyone talks about either. We are both very happy to be here and we’re looking forward to having a few beers now."

In an update, Japanese entry Wild Boar accepted a 10% time penalty under NOR 8-2, her finishing time is revised to 44 days 18 hours 55 minutes 53 seconds. The penalty relates to her crew using their engine during the race.

Race Record:
Grant Wharington and Scott Gilbert on the 50ft Wild Thing in 1995, in the time of 26 days 20 hours 47 minutes 6 seconds, with an average boat speed of 8.5 knots.

Melbourne Osaka Cup 2007 is over

2007 Results

Alex (Jock and son Hamish MacAdie) finished on April 27 in 32 days 18 hours 12 minutes 02 seconds
COCORIN (Itaru Matsunaga/John Bankart) finished on April 27 in 33 days 01 hour 51 minutes 22 seconds
Gusto (Brian Pattinson) finished on April 28 in 33 days 14 hours 52 minutes 13 seconds
RYU-JIN (Murray Bucknall/Jon Sayer) finished on April 29 in 35 days 04 hours 58 minutes 44 seconds
Dekadence (Phil Coombs/Peter Walsh) finished on April 30 in 35 days 20 hours 56 minutes 03 seconds
Tamagomalu (Makoto Hisamatsu/Jimmi Doherty) finished on April 30 in 36 days 03 hours 16 minutes 12 seconds
Southern Light (Tom Crabb/Trent Justice) finished on May 2 in 37 days 12 hours 43 minutes 41 seconds
Hullabaloo (Jim and son Joe O’Keeffe) finished on May 2 in 37 days 22 hours 51 minutes 59 seconds
Asadori (Shinsuke Nishi/Kyojun Fujita) finished on May 2 in 38 days 01 hour 54 minutes 51 seconds
Ingenue (David James and wife Rosie Colahan) finished on May 5 in 40 days 12 hours 31 minutes 44 seconds
Wild Boar (Shozi Yoneda/Jun Kanda) finished on May 5 in 40 days 17 hours 12 minutes 38 seconds
Esoterica (Campbell Reynolds/David Best) finished on May 7 in 43 days 04 hours 16 minutes 55 seconds
Cadi (John and son David Netherton, retired)
Wasabi (Ken Down/Shane Gaddes – retired)
Runaway (James Ryssenbeek/Andrew McCole – retired)
Pippin (Roger Sayers/Anthony Bown – retired)

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