Melbourne Osaka Cup - Ingenue leads the three yachts left at sea

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Three yachts are left at sea in the 5,500 nautical mile Melbourne Osaka double handed yacht race today and current leaders, and only husband and wife crew, David James and Rosie Colahan (Ingenue), will not finish in the 40 days they allotted themselves.

At 2.00pm AEST today, the couple from Brighton in Victoria were abeam of Nobeoka in southern Japan, being pushed west towards the province and away from the northerly course that will take them to the Osaka finish line.

Looking ahead, Roger Badham predicts more gale force conditions for the weekend which will put Ingenue and Wild Boar in the thick of it.

David James reported today: “The wind is dropping, so our ETA is now bumped to the weekend, rather than Friday afternoon. We are heading more west than north, being slightly pushed off our rhumb line course. We’ve had a slight crack in the main head, so have reverted to using the front head - a little bumpier, but still better than none! We’ve also had the good news of SIMRAD spare parts being ready for us when we arrive in Osaka."

Wind now at 5 knots and we are sailing with full main and No.1 headsail at 1-4 knots. The seas are still a little choppy from last night’s blow. Speed: 1-4 kn.

Melbourne Osaka Cup - Ingenue leads the three yachts left at sea

Approximately 179 nautical miles from the finish line, they maintain a 40 mile advantage over Shozi Yoneda and Jun Kanda on the MDS102 designed Wild Boar which is on target for the finish line.

Last on line in the 5,500 nautical mile race, Queensland entry Esoterica (Campbell Reynolds/David Best), are almost abeam of the Japanese Bonin Islands, 249nm behind Ingenue, but at least in Japanese waters.

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