Nephele back to defend the Millennium Cup

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With the number of entries to The Superyacht Cup now exceeding 50, Nephele (Frers 111.54 ft.) has just confirmed they will be taking part in the three days of racing in the Bay of Palma. As winner of the second Millennium Cup which was held in Auckland during the 2003 America’s Cup, Nephele will be taking on a much larger fleet this time around. Launched in New Zealand in 2003, Nephele was then one of the newest boats taking part, but with the healthy growth of the superyacht industry over the past 4 years, many newer, bigger and very competitive yachts will be present at this years Cup, making it one of the largest gatherings of superyachts ever.

Nephele back to defend the Millennium Cup

Palma is going to be the hub of superyacht activity for much of June, as the Dubois Cup is being held from June 13th - 15th at Marina Port de Mallorca immediately preceding the Superyacht Cup. This event is a three day ’family gathering’ for the larger boats designed by Dubois Yachts during the last 30 years. The majority of the yachts in this regatta will then be joining the fleet across the Bay to take part in the Superyacht Cup and Millennium Cup, from June 16th (Registration Day) to June 19th.

The number of local and national Spanish companies involved in sponsoring The Superyacht Cup is at a record high this year. Many new companies are using the event to promote their highest quality products and services to this exclusive audience of yacht owners, captains, guests, crew, VIPs, celebrities and local government representatives. The most recent sponsors are Estrella Damm, Atollvic and Golf Puntiró. Astilleros de Mallorca, Rolling Stock, Future Fibres, E3, Portcall, Duarry and Oscar Sierra are also all Spanish based companies who service the increasingly important superyacht market in Mallorca.

Nephele back to defend the Millennium Cup

The 1,640.41 ft. of dock space available to yachts for The Superyacht Cup at Dique del Oeste is now very nearly full. At present there is only space for another 6 or 7 yachts and the overall length of the fleet so far, adds up to staggering distance of 6,889.76 ft. Some additional late entries may have to find alternative berths in local marinas but the rush is on to secure space on the dock, so as to be in the centre of the Superyacht Cup Village and enjoy to the maximum the full social programme planned for the four days.

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