Outerlimits Powerboats ready to conquer Europe

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The only American manufacturer-sponsored team competing in the Powerboat P1 circuit, has its Mercury Racing engines running and is ready to race!

"Though many of the American boats are being raced in Powerboat P1, we are proud to represent the U.S. as a team in the European circuit," says Mike Fiore, founder and president. "There has been some talk about the Americans not being ready for the rough waters in Europe, but Joe Sgro and I were raised on the Atlantic Oceanand we have no fear of rough water!" he adds.

Outerlimits Powerboats ready to conquer Europe

With Sgro as the driver and Fiore on throttles, the Outerlimits Offshore Racing Team is enthused and confident in the SV-40’s ability to perform in any kind of water. "We showed that we can easily win on the smooth water in OSS’ last race, but we also know that Outerlimits are built for rough water," says Sgro, who savored his victory over the Fountain team last week, after switching to Outerlimits and winning the World and National OSS Championship in 2006. "Europe will be a whole new world for us; we look forward to new teams and new rivalries!" he adds.

"We met some of the Powerboat P1 teams at the Miami International Boat Show and the camaraderie seems very upbeat," states Fiore. "We know we are all strong competitors, so the challenge is on for all of us - diesel and gasoline engines. We are pleased to have Mercury Racing as our partner and the company’s new EU662 SCi engines in the boat. We have competed against most of these boats in the States, so we say... Bring it on!, We’re ready!" he exclaims.

Outerlimits Powerboats ready to conquer Europe

Outerlimits Powerboats, manufactured in Bristol, RI, hold World Championship titles in APBA and OSS and the team sees Europe as its next opportunity. "In Europe, the enthusiasm for racing and the visibility in the media is strong," Fiore says. "We’re ready to show what our new SV-40 can do!"

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