Pershing 72 Sea Show, a four stopovers tour to present new yacht

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Pershing, the worldwide open yacht sector leader, renowned for its constant attention to the needs of its owners and markets, has decided to present its latest gem with the first ever Sea Show organized in the yacht sector. Consisting of four stopovers around the Mediterranean, the Sea Show will stop in Croatia, Spain, Italy and Greece to present a special preview of the new Pershing 72’ before it is unveiled at the major international boat shows.

Pershing 72 Sea Show, a four stopovers tour to present new yacht

The first presentation is scheduled for April 20 and 21 in Spalato. From there the Show moves onto Palma di Mallorca on April 28 and 29. Then it stops in Venice from June 14 to 17 and finishes in Athens from June 28 to 30.

The Pershing 72’, the new member of a fleet of open yachts ranging from 37 to 115 footers, will be the star of these four luxuriously exclusive, emotion-packed events. In the splendid settings of these carefully selected locations guests will be able to discover the endless innovation and magic of this new craft by visiting its interiors, admiring its innovative design and experiencing the thrill of its top performance directly in sea trials.

This new formula, where the Pershing 72’ goes on tour, sailing through some of the most beautiful stretches of coastline in the Mediterranean, is perfectly in line with the company philosophy of combining an insistence on innovation with a constant quest for the highest level of typically Pershing exclusiveness and comfort”, explained Tilli Antonelli, the Pershing chairman. “What we want to offer our customers and aficionados is a totally new and unforgettable experience that increases opportunities for encountering and contemplating our way of thinking and constructing innovative yachts and our way of enjoying the sea”.

Pershing 72 Sea Show, a four stopovers tour to present new yacht

This new move is a perfect example of the approach that has made Pershing one of the worldwide symbols of “Made in Italy” style and class. Innovation and maximum customer focus are the company’s two fundamental cornerstones, which is why the Sea Show can count on the back up of its international dealer network to help guests discover the “world of Pershing”.

It is immediately apparent from the Pershing 72’s radically new hull profile, the fruit of Fulvio De Simoni’s pen, that this craft is a forerunner in every respect. Here the focus is clearly on technology, starting with the exclusive stowaway glass partition between the external cockpit and the internal saloon, an area that can be completely opened to the sky thanks to an innovative sliding hard top. Another important feature is the revolutionary gangplank created together with Besenzoni. This multi-purpose device acts as a stowaway gangplank, swimming ladder, and mooring ramp when in port. It takes up hardly any space at all and therefore leaves the engine room free for any ordinary or special maintenance.

Pershing 72 Sea Show, a four stopovers tour to present new yacht

The interiors and overall design of the Pershing 72’ also offer a series of highly original solutions, such as the new, unbroken window line, the novel position of the galley in the bows, located at an intermediate level between the main deck and the below deck area and the vast storeroom below it. Pershing’s collaboration with the prestigious Poltrona Frau company has created exquisite fittings and furnishings, including leather upholstered chairs, sofas and ceiling panels, all painstakingly designed to combine, in every environment, inimitable Pershing style with the value, top quality craftsmanship and superior functionality typical of Poltrona Frau furniture. With its two 1823 hp MTU common rail engines combined with Arneson propulsion, this craft can also reach top speeds of up to 45 knots, while maintaining a trim that ensures perfect comfort.

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