„Pershing Sea Show” culminates in Athens

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The first Pershing “Sea Show” organized to present a world preview of the shipyard’s latest creation, the Pershing 72’ has proved to be a huge success in terms of visitors, visibility and sales, and Pershing can now count on a full order book until the end of 2009.

More than 250 guests, including owners, journalists and aficionados were invited to admire the 72 footer moored in the waters of the Flivos Marina in Athens. For the occasion, this newly opened and highly prestigious dock was transformed into an open air club. On the evening of June 28 Pershing welcomed its guests there with an “under the stars” dinner and an abundance of good food and music. During the evening the shipyard’s brand new model was on display for the guests to visit and admire. The two days that followed, on the other hand, were dedicated to sea trials for the press and potential Pershing customers.

„Pershing Sea Show” culminates in Athens

Athens was therefore the last chapter in this highly successful Sea Show, a truly exceptional tour that began last April and has passed through some of the most picturesque marinas in Croatia, Spain and Italy. A series of exclusive settings, carefully selected to present a special preview of the new shipyard’s latest creation before it is unveiled at the major international boat shows.

Extremely satisfied with the outcome of this initiative, Tilli Antonelli, the Pershing president explained the new formula of this launch tour as being “perfectly in line with the shipyard’s philosophy of combining an insistence on innovation with a constant quest for the highest level of typically Pershing exclusiveness and comfort”. In fact, the company’s aim was first and foremost “to offer customers and aficionados a totally new and unforgettable experience”.

The Pershing “Sea Show” was the perfect example of the approach that has made Pershing one of the worldwide symbols of “Made in Italy” style and class.

„Pershing Sea Show” culminates in Athens

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