The catamaran l'Hydroptere broke two world records

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Sailing south of Lorient, France, the catamaran l’Hydroptere broke two world records. Helmed by Alain Thebault and with a Swiss-French crew of seven on board, the boat averaged 44.5 knots over 500 meters and 41.5 knots over one nautical mile, speeds that beat two world records if they are ratified World Sailing Speed Record Council.


On Wednesday 4th April 2007, South of Lorient, l’Hydroptère, helmed by Alain Thébault, was able to beat both speed records with 25 knots North-East wind and quiet sea conditions, in the presence of Michael Ellison, official timekeeper at the WSSRC.

The catamaran l'Hydroptere broke two world records

The Crew of the Catamaran “Techniques Avancées” were the original holders of the amazing speed record in category D since 1997, together with Bjorn Dunkerbeck, who beat the absolute speed record on one nautical mile in 2006.

Here are some of the several factors explaining l’Hydroptère’s achievement: long years of tests and optimizations have resulted in a real technological jewel. Today, l’Hydroptère is a reliable and extremely high performing boat. The passion and courage of the team and its engineers have always piloted the project, making l’Hydroptère an extraordinary adventure.

As a result of this teamwork, Alain Thébault and his Swiss-French crew, Jean-Matthieu, Jacques, François, Adrien, Pollux, Sébastien and Damien have proved that the dream can come true.
In 2005 their Channel Crossing was faster than Blériot in his plane in 1909. Shortly afterwards they add the two world records to their victories and show the carbon bird can always fly faster, higher and further.

The catamaran l'Hydroptere broke two world records

Strengthened by this victory, the team will now concentrate on the next steps of their 2007 programme, i.e. prepare for future ocean navigation records, like the 24 hour record. At the same time continuing with the technological development of the Swiss-French lab boat l’Hydroptere and the studies carried out for l’Hydroptère maxi.


Hydroptère is NOT a catamaran. She has three hulls, which makes her a TRIMARAN. Please correct this.

I can’t wait until this technology trickles down to large production boats so the average sailor can go this fast! smiley


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