The Chevrolet Cup: happiness and tragedy at the same time

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Source: ABRA

The Chevrolet Cup at Seafair held this weekend in Seattle was an amazing hydroplane race won by Steve David of the Oh Boy! Oberto team with an average speed over 136 mph. David declared after the race: “This was an emotional weekend for the entire team. This team worked so hard and they gave me a little pep talk before I went out there and I think it all worked.”

David Bryant of the Hoss Mortgage Investors team won the second place with an average speed over 133 mph followed closely by J. Michael Kelly of the Miss Car Pros team with 132 mph. Kelly said: “I thought I had Bryant on the first corner of the last lap when I cut inside, but when I hit a huge hole in the entrance to turn two, it took me out.”

The Chevrolet Cup: happiness and tragedy at the same time

The other drivers Dave Villwock of the Ellstrom Elam Plus finished fourth whit 126 mph, Jeff Bernard from fifth with 130 mph and Ken Muscatel from Procraft Windows with 109 mph.

The new Miss Red Dot boat had an unfortunate inauguration. Its driver Nate Brown ended his career as a driver when he jumped out of the cockpit of the Miss Red Dot on Lake Washington Sunday afternoon.

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