The Fastnet Race has been delayed and then cancelled for the ORMA multihull class

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Source: Groupama

On Saturday 1600 hours, RORC race management announced a 24 hour delay for the start of the Rolex Fastnet Race (initially planned for Sunday 12th August) with the possibility of an ensuing postponement.

For the ORMA class, in agreement with all the enrolled skippers, the race has been cancelled. This cancellation was motivated by 3 main reasons:

Weather conditions – A violent depression is deepening off the English coast with 35 to 40 knots of wind and very big seas (4 to 5m). In these extreme conditions with a course at 90° to the wind, there is a considerable risk for the entire fleet and the ORMA multihull class in particular. This same, highly unstable depression is also the source for the change in course of the Figaro.

The Fastnet Race has been delayed and then cancelled for the ORMA multihull class

A difficult decision for race management – In deciding to postpone the start, the organizers made a single decision for all the boat classes, creating a delicate situation for the fastest boats like the ORMA multihulls, who could have completed the whole course prior to the depression if the start had been given on Sunday as originally intended.

Indeed, this delay should enable the small craft (small monohulls) to shelter, if necessary, in the ports along the South coast of England and sit out the passage of the centre of the depression... As for the multihulls, they would have found themselves in the heart of the depression without being able to take shelter. After discussions with the organizers and all the skippers from the class, this decision to cancel the start for the ORMA class was quickly deemed to be the only `reasonable’ and `wise’ solution, just two months away from the main sporting objective: the Transat Jacques Vabre.

Transat Jacques Vabre, the key event of the ORMA season – Bringing the ORMA Multihull Championship 2007 to an end, this event is the main objective for each of the teams.

The Fastnet Race has been delayed and then cancelled for the ORMA multihull class

Indeed, all the trimarans had planned some ’revision’ work after the Rolex Fastnet Race and the risk generated by a participation in this race in some extreme conditions could have endangered the teams’ whole program in terms of "work" carried out in the yard and "communication".

Rendez-vous on 4th November 2007: start of the Transat Jacques Vabre, double-handed race (Le Havre - Salvador de Bahia).

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