The first amphibian ATV - Quadski

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A couple of days ago I presented you the first amphibian car Aquada. I hope I raised your interest in the High Speed Amphibian (HSA) technology made by Gibbs Technologies Ltd. I think that now is the moment to write something about the first amphibian ATV – Quadski.

Quadski – the first commercially viable high-speed amphibian Quadbike/All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) – is the third demonstration of Gibbs’ HSA technology following the successes of the Aquada and the Humdinga. Quadski, which is capable of travelling up to 50 mph (72 kph) on land and water, features a proprietary marine jet propulsion system and utilizes over 60 patented elements in its application of Gibbs’ patented HAS technology. The fuel tank allows it to travel for up to two hours on water and has a land range of 373 miles. The rapid transition from land to water takes less than five seconds and is operated by a flick of a switch: on entering water the wheels are retracted into the body of the vehicle. Quadski is powered by a 140 hp petrol driven engine, which provides drive to the wheels on land and a marine jet pump on water.

The first amphibian ATV - Quadski

Commenting on the launch of the Quadski prototype, Alan Gibbs, the founder of UK based Gibbs Technologies Ltd. said, “Quadski is both exciting and practical with a multitude of uses. I know consumers will love the fun of driving a Quadski on land one minute and then head straight into the sea or river the next. But there is a very serious side to Quadski as well: emergency services and aid workers will be able to reach areas and people no two or four wheel drive vehicle could reach.”


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