International boat show Internautica 2007

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The International boat show Internautica celebrates its twelve years of successful growth and progress. This Portorož-based nautical event has attained an admirable level of quality in the last decade, and received numerous flattering compliments and praise upon its tenth jubilee. The vision of this important international nautical event, which offers a great deal of promotional and sales opportunities to the exhibitors, and is at the same time considered an extremely attractive and interesting event for an increasing number of visitors each year, is progress-oriented. For more than a decade now, Internautica has offered opportunities for bargain purchases of vessels and nautical equipment as well as numerous attractive and educational events, among them exciting yachting regattas, ecological meetings, expert seminars, old vessels exhibitions, presentations of the newest achievements in the field of vessel design, and daily entertainment events with prize competitions.

International boat show Internautica 2007

Exhibition space and novelties
As tradition demands, the Internautica exhibition space will be divided into two interconnected parts. The first part forms the covered exhibition space where powered vessels, accessories, navigational equipment, nautical and sport clothes, diving equipment, sport footwear, and a wide array of products and services from various providers connected in any way with the sea will be exhibited.

In the second part, which interconnects open exhibition spaces and has been additionally expanded this year, visitors will be able to see bigger motor yachts and sailing boats which are shown already prepared for navigation. The two parts are usually connected by a big exhibition space dedicated to an exclusive automobile exhibitor; this year this is Porsche Slovenija presenting the AUDI brand. This year Internautica will introduce some important location and organisational novelties.

Due to a considerable number of big yachts the floating pier will also be enlarged and dedicated exclusively to these big beauties.

International boat show Internautica 2007

Exhibition programme and world premieres
Besides a pleasant trip to the coast and a chance for an exciting tour of the newest motor yachts and sailing boats, a good reason for visiting the Internautica fair also lies in the chance to buy nautical equipment at special promotional prices, the possibility of test drives or to buy a vessel which should be inspected and tried out once more before the final decision is made.

Some 200 different new vessels will be exhibited at this year’s fair. Approximately 400 domestic and foreign exhibitors will present more than 1,000 well-known nautical trademarks.

The majority of the world’s leading nautical equipment manufacturers will be represented at the show, with small canoes, jet boats, inflatable boats, outboard motors, sport boats, sailing boats and super yachts assembled at the special sea part of the fair.

This year too the Internautica will host several world premieres of vessels by established manufacturers.

International boat show Internautica 2007

Accompanying events
Since the entertainment of visitors has become increasingly important for modern exhibitions and fairs in recent years, numerous accompanying events will represent a true enrichment in our commercially oriented exhibition programme. The organisers’ vision of future development is the consolidation of this nautical exhibition’s significance as that of the most important and friendliest in this part of Europe for visitors and exhibitors alike, as well as bringing new interesting business partners and serious quality buyers to Portorož.

Remaining true to tradition, the organisers of Internautica have prepared interesting thematic and accompanying events for the visitors. Besides numerous expert seminars, meetings and sport events, the Gulf of Piran will host the traditional meeting of old vessel owners entitled Oldtimer 2007. At the same time there will be an interesting maritime exhibition on display in the first exhibition pavilion.

The Internautica Nokia Cup yachting regatta for Internautica’s transitional cup has already been established as a traditional event. Its sponsor is again Nokia.

The organisers of this year’s boat show will once again, together with the visitors, hold a contest for the best vessel of Internautica 2007. All registered participants of this year’s fair will compete in the following categories: "Sport Motor Boats", "Sailing Boats", "Motor Yachts", and the "Nautical Project of the Year". The winners will be selected by the visitors and the special expert Internautica 2007 jury. The VAL magazine, which is also the media partner of the nautical exhibition, will reveal the secret of the "best Slovene vessels of the year" at the Friday’s evening ceremony.

International boat show Internautica 2007

The traditional organisers of Internautica are Marina Portorož and Studio 37 from Ljubljana . The main sponsor is again Hypo Leasing. The official vehicle, provided by Porsche Slovenija, is Audi Audi . The official mobile phone of Internautica 2007 is Nokia. Nokia is also the sponsor of the traditional "Internautica Nokia Cup" yachting regatta for Internautica’s transitional cup.

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