The Texas International Boat Show

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The brand new Corpus Christi Downtown Marina is the venue for The Texas International Boat Show, and in-water and on-shore exhibits, a fabulous static aircraft display and a car show will make this event one of the largest and most exciting seen in this part of the USA.

Already well known as one of the USA’s largest buyers of boats of all shapes and sizes, Texas is preparing to lure back to Corpus Christi more of the owners who presently sail out of the eastern and western seaboards. Also, with more and more Texans able to enjoy the benefits of lifestyles associated with residing in the oil capital of the world, they now have the opportunity to enjoy bigger and better boating with a world class marina in their own backyard.

Situated just a little north of Mexico on the south Texas coastline, Corpus Christi, a “once quiet, little Texas seaside retreat” is feeling the effects of a multi-billion dollar development program and is aggressively pushing itself forward as the pearl of the new “Texas Riviera”.

Buyers from across Texas, the USA and Mexico, plus exhibitors from around the world, will combine to create a unique marketplace offering a relaxed and leisurely environment in which to meet during this four-day event.

In addition to some of the world’s finest boats available today, a fabulous static aircraft display will ensure The Texas International Boat Show is a truly spectacular event. Single and twin turbo prop aircraft, helicopters and a VIP private/business jet display will maximize on the synergy between a growing number of today’s aircraft and boat buyers.

Luxury coaches and some very fancy RV’s will be displayed for sale alongside an exhibition of classic cars. Add live music and entertainment for the whole family and you have an unforgettable experience for both buyers and sellers.

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