2007 Couach 195 FLY

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The vitaminized lines of Couach 195 FLY reveal with the first glance the ambitions of this unit located at the border between the high-speed motorboats at fly and the yachts. On a 63.64 ft. long hull comes to be posed a roof with the elegant and dynamic lines, accentuated by the prolongation of the back of the fly plumb with the cockpit. This one is protected by the projection from the fly and has superb proportions. A generous bench moulded against out of U shelters the retractable telescopic crane as well as a side wicket giving access to the vast back platform which can receive an appendix up to 881 lbs. The 195 Fly is equipped with the systems developed for more important yachts such as the crane or the side hydraulic footbridge which disappears completely under the floor from the cockpit when it is not used.

Couach 195 FLY

The 195 Fly is proposed in several versions of installation, including/understanding all of the cabins invited equipped with their privative bathroom and an independent cabin sailor with the front one. The version more the appraisal offers a cabin ship-owner power station with bed in the axis, extremely rare on the boats of this size. Interior installation profits from a generous distribution of the light thanks to an inventive set of windows: the port-holes are laid out with the vertical in the cabins and of vast side bays are posed with the short-nap cloth of the gangways for the living room. The impression of space and light is still accentuated on the level of the higher bridge by the fluid scheduling of volumes and the lines of furniture, where nothing comes to stop the glance. Interior decoration comes to reinforce this feeling by its purity: clear colors, wood waxed with the horizontal wire and flax cloths or raised surpiqués leather velvets. As always for Couach, interior decoration can be left with the free choice of the customer, advised by the designers house.

Couach 195 FLY

Powerful and quiet, this unit in addition embarks very compact engines releasing much space in the engine room and allowing the installation of an contiguous compartment. The maintenance and the repair of the engines are thus facilitated and allow the installation of a large compartment (repetition with the sentence of before). Moreover, the management and the electronic orders of this new generation of engines high-speed motorboat combined with an autonomy except par (1,320 gal of fuel) add even more pleasure and of precision to the piloting of this fabulous unit. Compact and race the 195 Fly is operated easily and slipped by on water to more than 32 nodes. It threads in all the splits and finds its place in each port. Its vast interior space equipped with very complete sophisticated equipment and its absence of need for crew make an ideal yacht of cruising of it.


Couach 195 FLY

Overall length: 64.30 ft.
Width: 15.58 ft.
Draught: 4.10 ft.
Water: 237 gal
Fuel: 1320 gal
Cabins: 3+1

  • 2 X MAN 6 LD 2876 405 - 730 CV
  • 2 X MTU 6L series 60 14 L - 835 CV
  • 2 X MAN 8 V D 2848 424 - 900 CV
  • 2 X MAN 10 V D 2840 403 - 1050 CV

Price: (aprox.) 2,214,137.40 USD

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