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The new Elan 400 has all it needs to keep any yacht lover happy. It has a faultless built quality, an elegant style and delivers superior levels of performance and safety.

The new Elan 400 was developed together with Humphreys Yacht design studio and features twin rudders, hard chines and was built using VAIL (Vacuum assisted infusion lamination).

Apart from its attractive style, the yacht features a carefully tuned sail plan, a practical cockpit and a luxurious interior fitted with all it needs to make your life on board as comfortable as possible.

The Elan 400 is also equipped with a 40 hp engine which is fueled by a 170 liters fuel tank.

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The Elan Impression 444 was born for sailing. It is a robust fast cruising yacht that inspires class and elegance.

The yacht is fitted with a comprehensive list of features which help it deliver high levels of comfort and first class sailing performances.

The boat is available with either 55 or 75 HP engines which are fueled by a large fuel tank with a capacity of 270 Litres.

It is also worthy of being mentioned that the Impression 444 features an innovative semi deck saloon that offers plenty of useable space and outstanding comfort without sacrificing the yacht’s performances.

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With its elegant design, luxury amenities and superior cruising abilities, the Elan 360 is certainly one of the most wanted Yachts in its class. Measuring 10.60 m long and with a displacement of 5350 kg the Elan is a fairly comfortable yacht that promises to deliver a lot fun. It is powered by a 30 hp engine which is fed by a 75 litres fuel tank.

Among the features offered by the Elan 360 you’ll find integrated toerails and flush hatches on the coachroof as well as new rorating plotter pods on the steering consoles.

It also features a wide transom, twin rudder arrangement and a chined hull which helps it move with agility at high heel angles.

The ELAN 360 is offered with a base price of $239,000.

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With its classy style, luxurious interior and smart features the ELAN Impression 394 is without a doubt one of the most attractive cruisers in its class.

The ELAN Impression 394 comes with a relaxing semi - deck saloon which features generous panoramic windows, and light-wood decorations.

It is also worthy of being mentioned that the Elan Impression 394’s interior offers about 25% more internal volume than many of its rivals.

The boat can accommodate in full comfort up to 8 persons and is powered by 39.6 hp engines.

The Elan Impression 394 is offered with a base price of 119.490 EUR and comes with a choice of four deck versions.

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Featuring a tasty style and a practical design the 320 is a fairly comfortable Yacht that offers a perfect balance of speed, practicality and safety.

The Elan 320 is the first Yacht in its class equipped with twin steering wheels system which offers superior control in connection with twin rudders.

For those who want a faster version of the Elan 320, the company has also launched an S versions which uses the company’ legendary VAIL (Vacuum assisted infusion lamionation) not only on hull but also on deck. It also uses a lot of lightweight materials which make it 6% lighter.

The yacht is powered by a 18 hp engine and is also fitted with a 45 liters fuel tank.

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The Elan 210 is a relatively affordable, compact boat built for those who love to sail. Designed with reliability, efficiency and versatility in mind, the Elan 210 puts comfort and practicality on top of its priorities list.

Thanks to its smart and ergonomic design, the Elan 210 enables you to pack and sail much faster than many models in this segment.

The Elan 210 features a V070 inspired broad stern, a chin hull and twin rudders which help it cut the water effortless rewarding you with first class sailing performances. Moreover, when the breeze is strong the bow lifts out of the water enabling the boat to reach high speeds without too much fuss.

As far as prices are concerned, the Elan 210 is offered with a standard price of 23.990 €. Needles to say, there are also available a wide range of accessories which can help you customize the boat according to your needs.

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The new Elan Impression 354 is a practical, elegant and comfortable entry level yacht that was especially developed to suit the needs families that love sailing.

Thanks to its smart design and the raised deck saloon, the Elan Impression 354 is the most spacious model in its class.

Inside, the yacht features a three cabin layout which can accommodate up to nine persons. You also get an L-shaped galley and a U-shaped saloon.

The Elan Impression 354 also features an open cockpit that comes with twin wheels and a convenient swim platform that is available in two sizes.

The yacht Is propelled by standard 19 HP engines but there are also available optional 29 Hp units.

The new Impression 354 will launch in spring 2014.

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The Elan Power 42 sports cruiser encompasses sporty feeling aboard with luxurious 3 cabin interior with attention to details and strive to perfect comfort for owner and guests. The helm position is focused on ergonomically positioned navigational equipment and for best viewing angle and large sliding roof which when opened can give the helmsman feeling of cruising with open sport boat. Cockpit has generous layout with settee and large folding table on the starboard side providing seating (...)
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The motor yacht Elan Power E35 is based on the concept of offering a sporting experience, weather protection from a hard top and spacious accommodation. It has incorporated a number of features that no other motor yacht in its class offers, such as a central steering position and en-suite bathroom for the owners cabin. Exclusive comfort The interior accommodation is one of the most spacious of its type and by careful space planning incorporates an en-suite bathroom with the owners cabin. (...)

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