Honda AquaTrax F-12X GPScape

Honda AquaTrax F-12X GPScape

When Honda splashed into the scene of the personal watercraft market in 2002, it introduced the world’s first low-emission, four-stroke-powered PWWs, the AquaTrax F-12 and the AquaTrax F-12X .

Fast forward nine years later and the AquaTrax family has grown into one of the best lines of PWCs in the market today. One particular model, the F-15X with GPScape, has become the standard-bearer of its class, considering it offers the perfect mix of power, acceleration, handling, and low emission efficiency that customers have come to expect from Honda.

The F-15X is powered by a lightweight 1,470cc liquid-cooled DOHC 16-valve engine with fuel injection and turbocharging, producing 197 horsepower while also adhering to CARB three-star and EPA emissions standards. One of the distinct features of this F-15X is the company’s distinctive GPScape system, a technology that allows you to keep track of your location at any point in time while riding out into the sea. When traveling or returning to a designated waypoint, GPScape will tell the rider distance and direction from the present location. At any point in time, the GPScape system will tell you where you are, where you came from, and where you need to go.

Find out more about the full specs of the Honda AquaTrax F-15X with GPScape after the jump.

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The Honda AquaTrax F-12X GPScape it just might be the most deluxe personal watercraft ever conceived—with a 1235cc turbocharged four-stroke engine, seating for three, and Honda’s own GPScape system, featuring an easy-to-read LCD screen with storage for up to 100 waypoints and a digital compass. Engine The AquaTrax F-12X GPScape has a 1235cc liquid-cooled dry-sump inline four-cylinder with intercooled turbocharger engine that produces 165 hp. Don’t worry if other models of sky jet have more (...)

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