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Jet Boat

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Yamaha revealed the 2013 version of its SX192 boat. The SX192 is based on the 19-foot 2-inch SX190 model that was presented last year and is ideal for family activities or other trips. In terms of power, the jet boat is propelled by a lively 1812 cc engine with electronic fuel injection. The Japanese manufacturer didn’t reveal the engine’s output, but the 1.8 liter unit should deliver an estimated power of 160 hp. Yamaha claims that the engine can propel the SX192 to a maximum speed of 50 mph.

The boat is packed with a pretty big fuel tank that has a capacity of 30 GAL. Other features that are worthy of being mentioned include an upgraded dash, a high-output Clarion audio system, bimini top, Hydro Turf deck mat on the aft platform and a trailer.

The 2013 Yamaha SX192 is available at a starting price of $28,999.

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The Yamaha AR210 is one of the roomiest models in its class because it offers the biggest passenger space. You also get an ergonomically designed cockpit that offers generous storage spaces and a useful in floor locker. Once on board you are also met by a dynamic helm that features easy-to-read performance-style guages.

When you want to relax, there is available an expanded bow that can be configured according to your wishes. There is even available a bow ladder that can be folded into the anchor locker in no time.

For more comfort, the Yamaha AR210 features an aluminum tower, a stern swim platform placed very close to the water’s edge and a Clarion AM/FM Stereo with MP3.

The 2013 AR210 is propelled by Yamaha’s 1052 cc marine twin engine with Electronic Fuel Injection. The engine is paired with a generous fuel tank that has a capacity of 50 GAL.

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The 2013 Yamaha AR190 is a sporty jet boat powered by Yamaha’s famous 1.8 liter Marine engine. The 1812cc unit is fed by a generous fuel tank with a capacity of 30 GAL.

The Yamaha AR190 can accommodated up to eight passengers and features a folding aluminum tower that offers the perfect angle for riding the wake. Among the long list of comfort features offered by the Yamaha AR190 you’ll find J-shaped cockpit seating, integrated drink holders, adjustable captain’s chair with flip-up bolster, a spacious glove box and tilt steering. You also get a generous in-floor storage compartment that can easily accommodate voluminous items.

The spacious cockpit features an integrated helm design that puts everything within easy reach. Moreover, the tower folds away when not in use for easy towing and storage. There are also available optional racks, speakers and a tower mirror.

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The Yamaha 242 Limited is a compact, luxurious jet boat built with comfort and practicality in mind. As far as ergonomics are concerned, the 2013 Yamaha 242 limited features a comfortable cockpit with new carpeting and upgraded upholstery. You are also met by a redesigned dash and helm area as well as a two-tiered lounge well-appointed with padded back and seat rests. Additionally, the dual captain’s chairs feature convenient flip-up bolsters further enhancing the comfort.

The audio system is provided by Clarion and features full MP3 connectivity. Other comfort amenities include a shower, a modern upsholtery and a removable dinette table with two pedestals.

The jet boat is powered by two Yamaha Marine 1.8 Liter HIGH OUTPUT engines with electronic fuel injection. The engines are fed by a pretty generous fuel tank that has a capacity of 50 GAL.

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Sporty and comfortable, the new 2013 Yamaha 242 Limited S is one of the fanciest boats built by the Japanese manufacturers. The 2013 Yamaha 242 Limited S is powered by two 1.8 Liter HIGH OUTPUT engines with electronic fuel injection.

Like any Yamaha product, the 2013 242 Limited S was built with ergonomy in mind. Thereby, once on board of the 242 Limited S you are met by an all-new dash with state-of-the-art gauges and an adjustable convertible lounger that gives you the option to either sit or lounge.

You also get integrated LED cockpit lighting, flush-mounted speakers and a set of comfy seats. One of the newest features offered for the 2013 Yamaha 242 Limited S is the select teak-style carpet which ads a touch of class to the interior, but also increases the overall comfort.

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Apart from being a great motorcycle manufacturer, Yamaha is also pretty good at building boats. In fact many of its models are considered among the top dogs in their segment and there is no wonder why as they are reliable, modern and very capable.

One of them is the new Yamaha 212SS, an agile, versatile and fast high performance jet-boat that can swim though the waves with poise.

The beating heart of the Yamaha 212SS is a twin 1.8 liter marine engine with electronic fuel injection. As far as performance is concerned the engine can go from zero to 30 mph in under 4 seconds, being able to reach speeds of over 55 mph.

Among the wide range of features offered by the Yamaha 212SS you’ll find perfectly positioned throttles and easy-to-read performance-style gauges. You also get an adjustable captain’s chair with flip-up bolster, U-shaped cockpit seating, tilt steering and an integrated swim platform.

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Featuring an agile stance and powered by a strong 1.8 liter marine engine, the 2013 Yamaha 212X is ready to reward you with a tasty mix of adrenaline and dopamine every time you get on board. Thanks to its capable engine the Yamaha 212X is able to go from zero to 30 in under four seconds. You’ll also like the twin 50 gallon internal ballast tanks that further enhance the boat’s performances.

As far as comfort is concerned, the 2013 Yamaha 212X can accommodate up to 9 people, and is equipped with premium Polk speakers, removable dinette table with two pedestals, J-shaped cockpit seating and a convenient steering with intuitive dials. You also get a pretty spacious in-floor storage locker that can easily accommodate wakeboards and other items.

Another important feature of the 2013 212X is Yamaha’s integrated swim platform which helps you get in and out from the water in no time.

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Wave runners don’t need to be expensive, especially if you’re one of those people that are on a tight budget. Fortunately, Yamaha has the VX Deluxe WaveRunner , a reliable and affordable watercraft that’s sure to bring fun and delight to your family.

Considered as the number 1 selling waverunner in the Yamaha line-up, the VX Deluxe offers a winning combination of performance and affordability, emphasizing its value as a watercraft that features everything the start-up rider would want while leaving out all the complicated technologies that only experienced riders require.

For the 2012 model, the VX Deluxe comes with a highly-comfortable precision-stitched three-person saddle that sits atop a stunning all-new metallic deck. The VX also has a generous reboarding step and the largest stern area in its class. Amenities are also not a problem for this versatile waverunner and it accomplishes all that without having to break your bank accounts.

The VX Deluxe comes with a roomy cockpit that features a long seat design, providing more legroom for taller riders. The overall effect is not only more comfortable for the operator, but it also gives the VX Series a striking profile that mirrors Yamaha’s more models. In addition to the cockpit, the VX Deluxe boasts of a large bolster on the seat for added comfort, especially when more than one person is sitting on the saddle. There’s also a thickly padded reboarding platform and a storage bin, among other things.

Yamaha watercrafts are known far more than just their good looks; they also have the kind of engine that makes for impressive runs on the high seas. The VX Deluxe has a 1052cc, four-stroke Yamaha marine engine that is the most fuel efficient in the PWC industry. Such high praise may be a little overzealous on some circles, but not for the VX Deluxe. It lives up and far exceeds all the hype.

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Buying a jet ski doesn’t have to be scoring the biggest and baddest of the bunch. Sometimes, especially when the purpose is for some family fun, it’s best to get one that’s not only affordable but also offers the benefits of power and reliability.

The Yamaha VX Sport is one of the best values you can buy, thanks to its ergonomic design, responsive engine, and proven fuel economy.

The VX Sport deck integrates the look and feel of a Yamaha luxury watercraft by creating a roomy cockpit for the operator. Yamaha ’s exclusive high-compression molded hull is formed to make the best fit and finish in the industry. The jet ski is also spacious enough to accommodate up to three people, thanks to a long seat design that provides added space and more legroom for taller riders. The seat also has a large bolster for added comfort when riding with two or three people and the reboarding platform is wide and thickly padded. In addition to the spacious seating layout, the VX Sport also comes with a glove box, a large reverse lever, and a pair of side mirrors.

Powering the VX Sport is an impressive 1052cc, four-stroke Yamaha marine engine that is considered the most fuel efficient in the PWC industry. The engine’s high-performance capability, together with the efficiency fuel economy returns, makes the jet ski a responsive, low-maintenance, fuel efficient ride.

Overall, the Yamaha VX Sport is the ideal family jet ski. The craft can even be used as a great platform for skiing or wakeboarding, providing an absent shortage of fun activities.

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When speaking of a jet ski that can offer all-world purpose and versatility, you can’t go wrong with a Yamaha FZR Waverunner.

Aggressive and dominating, the FZR is one jet ski that has no problem being pushed to the limit. Its stature as the reigning National Tour Champion doesn’t beg any questions. It’s the ultimate jetski that comes with precision engineering and is powered by the largest displacement engine ever created for a personal watercraft, delivering energetic acceleration and top speed.

The FZR WaveRunner features the industry’s first and only nanotechnology-engineered hulls, decks, and liners, considered to be the lightest and strongest in the market today. The edge-to-edge inside-lean that it possesses greatly compliments its comfortable two-piece seat configuration, while the adjustable trim control allows the rider to dial in the ride of the craft just the way they want it. In addition, the unique telescopic steering allows for effortless switching between a lean-forward attack position and a stand-up riding style. The result is a state of the art watercraft that’s not only quick and nimble, but also offers balance and maneuverability.

The NanoXcell hull is combined with a supercharged 1812cc engine that packs plenty of power and thrust. It’s no secret why the FZR WaveRunner comes with the largest displacement in the industry. And when you combine that with a throttle by wire reverse system that controls RPM in reverse gear and produces maximum thrust efficiency, then you have a watercraft whose reputation certainly does justice to all the hype surrounding it.

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