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Jet Ski / Watercraft

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The Yamaha FZS is a sporty jet ski, designed with speed and comfort in mind. Talking about comfort, the FZS is equipped with an ergonomically designed seat, a spacious foot board and a modern handlebar fitted with a useful instrument panel. There is also available a rounded keel and a special bow shape which apart from offering some extra comfort also improve the handling.

Like its other siblings, the Yamaha FZS is also equipped with an advanced NanoXcel hull which is the lightest in its class enhancing the overall performances and agility.

At the heart of the Yamaha FSZ lies a reliable 1.8 litre supercharged, 4-stroke, EFI, 4 cylinder, engine, that offers a lively acceleration with the maximum speed electronically limited at 65 mph.

The Yamaha FZS is also equipped with a Reverse Traction Control system which helps you make easier maneuvers when launching or docking.

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Overview Meet the fabulous VX Deluxe. Aggressive styling and stunning performance, alongside exceptional economy, long cruising range and a host of luxury features; all play their part in making your PWC adventures more enjoyable. But it is the all-round ability and versatility of the VX that has gained it such a loyal following among WaveRunner riders. Features such as convex dual mirrors and Reverse add practicality - and attributes such as Yamaha’s remote security system with "L" (...)
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The 2013 Yamaha VX Sport was designed for families that search for a practical, comfortable and especially affordable jet ski.

Despite its relatively low price tag (£ 7,699) the VX Sport offers pretty decent performances and a fairly modern style. It also comes with a pretty sporty black hull that thanks to its sleek design it offers responsive handling, great stability and neutral turning performance. As the VX Sport was designed for families, you also get plenty of storage places which offer a total volume of 57 litres.

As far as power as concerned, the VX Sport is equipped with an ultra-lightweight, water-cooled, 4-cylinder ,1052cc, DOHC, 20-valve engine with Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI). It is also worthy of being mentioned that the VX Sport’s engine is the most fuel efficient unit in the industry. The engine is fed by a large 60 litre fuel tank that offers a pretty generous range.

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Overview While the FZR takes solo sports riding to fresh heights, it also offers luxury and versatility - including a sport-bolstered seat – making it a very capable, super-fast cruiser for two. The combination of lightweight NanoXcel® hull and supercharged 1812cc EFI engine delivers enormous power and thrust, while the rounded keel and bow shape make extremely tight turns easy. You’ll relish the nimble, sure-footed handling and stability, even in the choppiest water. The fastback (...)
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The Yamaha VX Cruiser is one of the best sold watercraft models built by Yamaha. The secret behind its success is the fact that it is a pretty complex package offering a lot of features, decent performances, good comfort and a great price.

As far as comfort is concerned, the Yamaha VX Cruiser comes with a set of ergonomically designed cruiser seats, a stretched hull and modern handlebars. You won’t complain about the feet position either, as there is plenty of space and you also have more than enough freedom of movement.

All VX models are powered by a compact, ultra-lightweight, liquid-cooled four-cylinder, 20-valve DOHC engine with a displacement of 1052c. The engine features Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) so you can expect it to be smooth, strong and efficient.

The 2013 Yamaha VX Cruiser is offered with a starting price of £ 8,699.

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Overview Step aboard the VXR and discover true sporting performance and a range of thrills like you never experienced before. A luxurious two-tone, step-up seat – designed for comfort and relaxed control – immediately tells you that the VXR is all about having some serious watersports fun. Discover the combination of a powerful 4-stroke 1812cc High Output engine and ultra-light NanoXcel® hull - together they deliver acceleration and tightturning ability that liberates you to re-explore (...)
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Yamaha designed the VXS as a no thrills model that comes with pretty affordable base price (£ 12,599). It is a pretty basic jet ski that doesn’t come with all the bells and whistles of its more upscale siblings.

To offer this low price, the Japanese company left behind features such as cruise assist, trip control and the adjustable handlebar.

At the heart of the Yamaha VXS lies a High Output 1812cc, 4-cylinder, DOHC, 16V engine which comes without a supercharger. Though despite the fact that the VCS’s engine is not as strong as the one of its bigger brothers, you won’t have any significant complains about the overall performances (maximum speed is electronically limited at 65 mph).

The Jet Ski comes with Yamaha’s ultra-lightweight, high-tech NanoXcel deck and hull with integrated bow spray guard. This lightweight material plays a major role in the acceleration, agility and fuel efficiency departments.

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The Yamaha SuperJet is one of the most popular models in its class. And there is no wonder why as is fairly capable, reliable and opened to various customizations.

To be able to keep the interest for its SuperJet alive, Yamaha decided to give it a few modifications which further solidify the boat’s position among the segment leaders.

One of the most significant improvements is the new hull design which has the potential to transform the SuperJet in the best stand-up PWC in the business.

The SuperJet is powered by Yamaha’s 2 cylinder, two-stroke, 701 CC marine engine with electronically controlled variable ignition timing and loop-charged combustion. The engine features two 38mm Mikuni carburetors that offer excellent throttle response throughout the total RPM range.

As far as ergonomics are concerned, the Yamaha Superjet comes with especially designed handlebars and a spacious seat that combine to offer a pretty relaxed riding position.

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The guys from Yamaha have upgraded their FX SHO model to able to continue to compete with success its rivals.

The new generation FX Cruiser High Output has a longer hull, a more comfortable 3 passengers seat and a more aggressive front end. You also get new handlebars that are adjustable and feature new hand grips that are significantly more comfortable than the previous ones.

Another significant change is the longer overall length which now measures 140.4 inches. Then there is the new reverse gate operation which now has a true mechanical neutral.

In terms of power the 2013 Yamaha FX Cruiser High Output is equipped with the same 1812cc four-stroke, four cylinder, 210 hp, supercharged marine engine as the previous models, which continues to do a great job being perfectly suited for the needs of the jet ski.

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The Yamaha FX High Output is a modern jet ski developed for those who love to cut the waves in style.

It is powered by the latest-generation 1812cc 4-stroke engine, with high pressure pump and intelligent electronic throttle control. It is also worthy of being mentioned that the jet ski features Yamaha’s own Quick-Shift Trim System (Q.S.T.S ) complete with the comfortable twist-grip. The Yamaha FX High Output also features an elegant lightweight NanoXcel lightweight hull and deck.

As far as practicality is concerned, the Yamaha FX High Output offers a 4-step, tilt-adjustable steering, comfortable 3-person seating, a large stern platform and deep step and twin handles. You also get a lot of storage spaces which offer 40% more capacity than previous the previous models.

The 2013 Yamaha FX High Output is offered with a starting price of £ 13,329.00.

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