Jet Ski / Watercraft

Jet Ski / Watercraft

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The Yamaha SuperJet is one of the most popular models in its class. And there is no wonder why as is fairly capable, reliable and opened to various customizations.

To be able to keep the interest for its SuperJet alive, Yamaha decided to give it a few modifications which further solidify the boat’s position among the segment leaders.

One of the most significant improvements is the new hull design which has the potential to transform the SuperJet in the best stand-up PWC in the business.

The SuperJet is powered by Yamaha’s 2 cylinder, two-stroke, 701 CC marine engine with electronically controlled variable ignition timing and loop-charged combustion. The engine features two 38mm Mikuni carburetors that offer excellent throttle response throughout the total RPM range.

As far as ergonomics are concerned, the Yamaha Superjet comes with especially designed handlebars and a spacious seat that combine to offer a pretty relaxed riding position.

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The guys from Yamaha have upgraded their FX SHO model to able to continue to compete with success its rivals.

The new generation FX Cruiser High Output has a longer hull, a more comfortable 3 passengers seat and a more aggressive front end. You also get new handlebars that are adjustable and feature new hand grips that are significantly more comfortable than the previous ones.

Another significant change is the longer overall length which now measures 140.4 inches. Then there is the new reverse gate operation which now has a true mechanical neutral.

In terms of power the 2013 Yamaha FX Cruiser High Output is equipped with the same 1812cc four-stroke, four cylinder, 210 hp, supercharged marine engine as the previous models, which continues to do a great job being perfectly suited for the needs of the jet ski.

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The Yamaha FX High Output is a modern jet ski developed for those who love to cut the waves in style.

It is powered by the latest-generation 1812cc 4-stroke engine, with high pressure pump and intelligent electronic throttle control. It is also worthy of being mentioned that the jet ski features Yamaha’s own Quick-Shift Trim System (Q.S.T.S ) complete with the comfortable twist-grip. The Yamaha FX High Output also features an elegant lightweight NanoXcel lightweight hull and deck.

As far as practicality is concerned, the Yamaha FX High Output offers a 4-step, tilt-adjustable steering, comfortable 3-person seating, a large stern platform and deep step and twin handles. You also get a lot of storage spaces which offer 40% more capacity than previous the previous models.

The 2013 Yamaha FX High Output is offered with a starting price of £ 13,329.00.

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Meet the new 2013 Yamaha FX Cruiser SHO is a versatile ski jet equipped with a long list of features which make it perfectly suited for both short and long journeys. Its spacious seat can accommodate up to three passengers, while the ergonomic handlebar and foot rests offer a relaxed riding position. On the practical side of things the 2013 Yamaha FX Cruiser SHO features the latest generation hull design that delivers more space and stability, with extra storage places. It is also worthy of being mentioned that the ski jet’s elegant hull and deck are made of Yamaha’s lightweight NanoXcel material.

Power comes from a supercharged high output 1812 cc engine with Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) for smooth power output and increased efficiency.

The 2013 Yamaha FX Cruiser SHO is offered with a starting price of £ 14,999.

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Sleek, agile and strong, the new Yamaha FX SHO is a fast machine that is eager to swim through the waves every time you fire up its engine.

The FX SHO that is the smoothest and strongest 3 seat touring model built by Yamaha, so you can expect to first class ergonomics and performances.

Power comes from a DOHC super charged 1,812cc engine with Electronic Fuel Injection. The ski jet also comes with Yamaha’s Electronic Throttle Control system that offers a wide range of modes especially designed to make your journey more pleasurable.

As far as practicality is concerned, the Yamaha FX SHO features a unique tilt-adjustable steering, a comfortable two-piece seat, a large stern platform and twin handles. There are also more storage places then ever and the company says that the new model offers 40% more capacity than the previous ones.

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The 2013 Yamaha SX240 High Output is a luxurious, stylish boat powered by a pair of generous Yamaha marine 1.8 liter High Output engines. The engine have a displacement of 1812cc and are fed by a generous 50 GAL fuel tank.

The yacht features comfortable captain’s chairs with flip-up bolsters offered as standard equipment on the Red and Black models. The Blue model comes standard with a convertible J-shaped lounger that can be reconfigured from an upright passenger seat to a comfortable, rear-facing bench. You also get a painted trailer, premium stereo, bimini top and a removable dinette table.

The Yamaha SX240 High Output features a redesigned dash that draws inspiration from the high-end luxury cars. Other features offered by the 2013 Yamaha SX240 High Output include a spacious glove box, walk-through bow door, tilt steering, courtesy deck lighting and a dedicated anchor and rope locker.

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If you are searching for a fast, comfortable and versatile jet boat, then you should take a closer look at the Yamaha AR240 High Output as it comes with a lot of tasty features.

For the starters, it is powered by a twin, 1.8 liter High Output Marine engine that cranks out more than enough power to help you float over the waves with agility.

The 2013 Yamaha AR240 High Output comes with a completely redesigned dash that draws inspiration from the premium cars. For increased safety the cockpit features an adjustable convertible lounger that helps you know at any time what’s going on behind the boat.

You also get a convenient water-level swim platform which helps you get in and out of the water very easy.

Other notable features include a removable dinette table, integrated drink holders and adjustable Captain’s chair with flip-up bolster.

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The warm summer weather always sends people rushing to the waters. And what better way to soak up the sun and sand than riding the waves on board the Kawasaki STX-15F .

The design of the STX-15F lends itself to a muscular and aggressive looking watercraft, complete with a spacious riding position that makes aggressive performance riding easier while suiting a wider range of riders. A molded-in Kawasaki Splash Deflector (KSD) is incorporated into the hull design to help minimize spray on the rider while an automatically retracting boarding step located on the rear of the hull simplifies boarding in deep water. The rear deck can accommodate items needed for a day on the water, like a cooler, along with a water-resistant storage compartment, an easily accessible glove box, and additional room for gear under the seat.

The STX’s Ninja-derived 1,498cc engine delivers plenty of low- and mid-range torque while also producing 160 horsepower, making it the most powerful watercraft in its class. Despite that, the STX-15F boasts of a Three-Star Ultra-Low Emissions rating from the California Air Resources Board and meets the Environmental Protection Agency’s strictest standards, which means that you can enjoy its spoils without having to worry about destroying Mother Nature.

Aiding the engine to allow the STX-15F to perform the way it does are dual overhead cams, four valves per cylinder, fuel injection, and an electronic engine control (ECU), all of which combine to provide maximum performance and reliability.

Propulsion duties are handled by a direct drive axial-flow jet pump driving an oval-edge, stainless steel, three-blade 148mm impeller for powerful acceleration. Tuned to produce its peak power at a relatively low rpm, the STX-15F engine matches the impeller’s peak efficiency to provide rider-friendly propelling performance.

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When you’re out on the open seas, it’s important to carry as much power in your watercraft as you can get. But what’s even better than top-class power? Having equally impressive handling characteristics.

That’s what you get with the Kawasaki Ultra 300X . The 2012 Ultra 300X boasts incredible performance and thrust with a design that ensures typical Kawasaki reliability.

At the heart of the Ultra 300X is a monstrous 1,498cc inline-four DOHC engine that produces around 300 horsepower. Built in to assist the engine is a high-tech Eaton Twin Vortices Series (TVS) roots supercharger and Kawasaki’s Electronic Throttle Valve System, both of which help channel Ultra 300X’s tremendous power exactly where and how a rider wants it.

More than just the impressive performance characteristics, the Ultra 300X also boasts an array of futuristic electronics, including a highly advanced fuel injection system controlled by a high-tech Electronic Control Unit (ECU). This set-up not only commands the injectors and throttle bodies to route a precise amount of air and fuel mixture into the combustion chambers with help from the Electronic Throttle Valve (ETV) system, but it also allows a host of other technologies that can be used for your riding pleasure.

These include a range of varied riding “modes” such as Fuel Economy Assistance mode, a one-touch 5 mph mode, and the Smart Learning Operation (SLO) mode. The setup also includes a digital dash display called the Economical Riding Indicator that provides a clear guide to the rider when riding conditions are most efficient. The Ultra 300X also has an Electronic Trim Control (ETC) system, which controls the nozzle angle of the 160mm jet pump to adjust hull attitude to suit water surface conditions and riding style.

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The Kawasaki Jet Ski 800 SX-R has been a hot seller in the past three years and now, the 38th installment of the industry-leading watercraft is poised to follow in its predecessor’s successful footsteps.

To celebrate 37 years of production, Kawasaki has come up with something special for the 800 SX-R, namely the addition of special colors and graphics that recognize the 37 years of history surrounding the model. For this model, Kawasaki will also be adding a special badge that reads: “Commemorating 37 Years of Jet Ski."

In terms of its design, the 800 SX-R doesn’t hold back on all the enhancements. The fiberglass reinforced plastic construction of the 800 SX-R hull and top deck ensures that the hull is as light as possible while also boasting of tough and damage-resistant qualities. Kawasaki also added extra fiberglass in some key areas of the jet ski to ensure that the hull comes with maximum strength and durability. Likewise, the 800 SX-R also has a spacious footwell area that gives the rider enough room to be comfortable in his surroundings. Last, the jet ski also makes use of a handle pole that offers optimum control and overall riding comfort.

The 800 SX-R is powered by an impressive two-stroke engine 781cc Twin Cylinder engine, producing an impressive 699 horsepower while also using twin carburetors that deliver excellent throttle response and strong power in all speeds. The all-world jet ski also makes use of an aggressive exhaust port timing, a large-diameter exhaust pipe, and a waterproof, maintenance-free capacitor discharge ignition (CDI) system with digital advance, all of which ensure that the 800 SX-R delivers the kind of top-end power wave riders all crave.

Exceptional stability and turning dexterity are hallmarks of the 800 SX-R and that tradition continues with the latest in a long line of industry-leading jet skis.

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