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Jet Ski / Watercraft

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Sea-Doo Wake Pro 215 is the first and only watercraft designed specifically for wake sports.

Sea-Doo Wake Pro

The 2009 Wake Pro 215 features an innovative 200-lb (90 kg) WakeBoost system that sculpts the perfect wake to take your sport to new heights, and enough power to spring you from here to next weekend, and wake-specific features. That’s why this is the chosen watercraft for the NIKE 6.0 Pro Wakeskate Team of Nick Taylor, Ben Horan, and Matt Manzari, and the only one you’ll need for the next decade.

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The 2009 Sea-Doo Wake 155 is the coolest and most affordable way to be initiated to tow sports.

Sea-Doo Wake

Introduce the kids to your world with one of the new 2009 Sea-Doo Wake 155, and you’ll be the coolest parents on the block. The high rise pylon with retractable spotter grips has been redesigned for 2009, the convex mirrors offer greater visibility, and the 17-function digital information center gives you all the info you need at a glance.

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Impossible to dethrone, the 2009 Yamaha SuperJet continues its epic reign as the best selling stand-up in watercraft history. On and off the course, the SuperJet delivers an impeccable balance of complete freedom and ultimate control.

Yamaha SuperJet

The SuperJet is the product of Yamaha’s long pursuit of excellence in jet sports riding, the roots of the PWC. The newly designed hull on this model has raised performance to a new level. There is just one aim to the new design: giving you the potential to win tough, hard-fought races, without compromising on any of the model’s original compactness and light weight. This level of performance has been made possible in part by a professional collaboration between Yamaha and the super star of jet sports competition, Nicolas Rius. It is a marriage of the honed perceptions of a gifted champion and the unparalleled development know-how and resources of Yamaha’s engineers.

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Affordable and reliable, the 2009 Yamaha VX made it possible for recreational riders to become Yamaha owners, creating an entirely new generation of watercraft enthusiasts.

Yamaha VX

The 2009 VX is Yamaha’s answer to the person who wants the refreshing feeling of a high-performance 4-stroke engine and the kind of sharp handling that the high-performance VX hull provides, all at a reasonable price. What will surprise you is the great fuel economy of this model’s 4-cylinder VX engine. For riders who want to spend less money on fuel and more time out on the water, the incomparable fuel economy of this model compared to the 4-stroke models of the other makers is a real blessing. The extended rear platform expands the variety of marine sports you can enjoy, and the full array of features like the front compartment, glove box and multifunction meters are sure to be appreciated. It may look like a nice and simple package, but the VX is simply a masterpiece, packed full of Yamaha PWC technology and waiting to open up a whole new WaveRunner world for you.

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Sporty yet practical, the 2009 Yamaha VX Sport shows off the dual aspects of its personality with a sturdy black hull, dynamic performance and outstanding dependability.

Yamaha VX Sport

The VX Sport established itself as the best-selling standard in the world’s entry-level and rental markets appears this year with refreshing new Heat Red coloring. It is sure to cut a stylish figure against the blue sky and water. The combination of the VX hull, with its light handling feel and running stability, and the four-stroke 1052cc engine with its outstanding reliability and durability, make this model the popular favorite for all kinds of use conditions in riding areas around the world. You will appreciate its multifunction meters that provide necessary information in easily viewable form and the Extended Rear Platform designed to accommodate all kinds of marine recreation. This VX Sport embodies the WaveRunner qualities that open up a world of "Fun Riding" and "Excitement." Let it take you to that world of fun and freedom on the water.

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With the capacity to tow and ability to go longer between fill-ups, the 2009 Yamaha VX Deluxe keeps going long after so-called competitors have opted to call it a day. Offering a selection of amenities that make this affordable three-seater feel more like a high-end watercraft, the VX Deluxe is virtually unbeatable as one of the industry’s best-selling watercraft.

Yamaha VX Deluxe

The VX Deluxe is a model that is capable of responding to a wide range of demands, ranging from energetic activities to relaxation. The Sport Seat can be used for a variety of marine sports activities in addition to simply riding on the PWC. For example, when towing a wakeboard, the passenger can sit facing backwards in order to watch the action. The wide rear platform makes it convenient to get on and off, and is especially convenient for snorkeling and other such activities. In addition to a wide range of marine sports, the VX Deluxe is also perfect for relaxation on the water. VX Deluxe has a host of features from which its high degree of cost performance is apparent, including a security system allowing starting of the engine to be locked or released, a low rpm mode that limits engine speed, reverse, dual mirrors and highly visible multifunction instruments.

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Forever altering the landscape of watercraft design, the Yamaha VX Cruiser breaks down barriers between comfort, luxury and affordability, creating a class of watercraft that embraces all three. With sculpted lines and a generous cruiser seat, the best-selling VX Cruiser transcends all preconceptions of affordable watercraft—offering a uniquely gratifying experience at a price that is equally satisfying.

Yamaha VX Cruiser

Since its release in 2005, the VX has become a best-selling model in markets around the world. Now, Yamaha Yamaha ’s unique Cruiser Concept puts some fine finishing touches on this popular model to widen its appeal even more. Take it out on the water and you will experience how the Cruiser Seat provides a perfect fit, when maneuvering through the water and when accelerating. You will also experience the sharp handling and excellence balance that the VX hull design provides.

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The ultimate fusion of the legendary and the latest, the all-new Yamaha FX Cruiser HO joins celebrated Yamaha Yamaha craftsmanship and revolutionary watercraft design. Pairing the renowned comfort of Yamaha’s cruiser seat and raised handlebars with a pristine new NanoXcel hull and deck, the FX Cruiser HO is a watercraft that is as forward thinking as it is laid-back.

Yamaha FX Cruiser HO

The new FX Cruiser HO may be the model that enjoys most of the advantages of the Cruiser Concept, the most treasured type of WaveRunner. There are times that riders who have cruised a long distance want to cruise a little bit further. Yamaha has thought of that ant the FX Cruiser HO features the Hip Support Seat and Raised Handle Bar which are the result of ergonomic design give the rider the edge to go a little further even when he or she is tired, and enhance the ease of cruising on the water.

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Never before has a personal watercraft been capable of dominated both the performance and luxury categories like Yamaha’s FX Cruiser SHO. Named 2008 "Watercraft of the Year" by Watercraft World, the 2009 FX Cruiser SHO combines Yamaha’s luxurious cruiser seat with an amenity-rich layout and a nimble NanoXcel hull and deck—seamlessly melding intuitive design with indulgent performance.

Yamaha FX Cruiser SHO

The FX Cruiser SHO is everything a discerning rider really wants! The discerning riders demand the best components that completely satisfy the demands of unparalleled performance, comfort that makes you want to stay on the water, luxury that draws attention wherever you go and naturally top quality. Provided with a high output 1.8L supercharged engine, a NanoXcel ultra lightweight hull incorporating nano-technology that features superior maneuverability, comfort and stability, and a variety of electronic control functions, the 2009 FX Cruiser SHO is the culmination of the best technology available in a contemporary PWC.

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Today, the value and function that people demand in a sky jet are becoming increasingly sophisticated. People want high performance and advanced functions that are out of the ordinary, and styling that is the envy of everyone in the surrounding area. Of course, high reliability is a basic premise that goes without saying, and the importance of environmental performance and economic performance are on the rise.

Yamaha FX HO

The new Yamaha FX HO proudly bears a badge of power that other watercraft have yet to earn. With an ultra lightweight design and the unmatched power of a 1.8-liter, 1,812 cc normally aspirated high output engine, the FX HO redefines the high-performance category—pairing unrivaled power with an incomparable price.

The combination of a high output engine, lightweight body and newly designed pump generate awesome acceleration. On the other hand, it can also be used for cruising or towing a wakeboard with power to spare. The only limit to enjoyment on the weekends with this model is your imagination.

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