Kawasaki Ultra X

Kawasaki Ultra X

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The Kawasaki Jet Ski Ultra 260X is a modern watercraft powered by a strong supercharged, intercooled, 4-stroke In-Line four engine with a displacement of 1,498 cm3. Thanks to its supercharger, the engine rewards you with instant throttle response and develops a maximum output of 191 kW 260 PS at 7,750 rpm and 240 Nm of torque at 7,250 rpm.

The engine breaths trough a modern 4-into-2-into-1 powerboat-style exhaust system especially designed to allow a smooth flow for the exhaust gases.

To help you use the entire power generated by the engine, the Kawasaki Jet Ski Ultra 260X is equipped with Kawasaki’s Smart Steering system that automatically adjusts engine speed and thrust while cornering to improve the maneuverability.

In terms of comfort, the Kawasaki Jet Ski 260X offers a narrow seat, a long rear boarding step and 5-way adjustable handlebars.

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The Kawasaki Ultra 300X is a pretty versatile jet ski developed for those who like to play at high speeds, but also want to have a practical partner when it’s time to haul some load.

This Japanese jet ski is propelled by a supercharged and intercooled 1,498cc, liquid-cooled inline four-cylinder engine that cranks out an impressive power of 300 hp. The engine breaths through a 4-into-2-into-1 powerboat-style exhaust system that routes the exhaust pipe upward keeping the overall performances to a high level. The engine is fed by the largest fuel tank in the class that has a capacity of 20.6 gal.

As far as ergonomics are concerned, the Kawasaki Jet Ski Ultra 300X is fitted with five-way adjustable handlebars, a relatively narrow and reshaped two piece seat, a long rear boarding step and dual grab handles.

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When you’re out on the open seas, it’s important to carry as much power in your watercraft as you can get. But what’s even better than top-class power? Having equally impressive handling characteristics.

That’s what you get with the Kawasaki Ultra 300X . The 2012 Ultra 300X boasts incredible performance and thrust with a design that ensures typical Kawasaki reliability.

At the heart of the Ultra 300X is a monstrous 1,498cc inline-four DOHC engine that produces around 300 horsepower. Built in to assist the engine is a high-tech Eaton Twin Vortices Series (TVS) roots supercharger and Kawasaki’s Electronic Throttle Valve System, both of which help channel Ultra 300X’s tremendous power exactly where and how a rider wants it.

More than just the impressive performance characteristics, the Ultra 300X also boasts an array of futuristic electronics, including a highly advanced fuel injection system controlled by a high-tech Electronic Control Unit (ECU). This set-up not only commands the injectors and throttle bodies to route a precise amount of air and fuel mixture into the combustion chambers with help from the Electronic Throttle Valve (ETV) system, but it also allows a host of other technologies that can be used for your riding pleasure.

These include a range of varied riding “modes” such as Fuel Economy Assistance mode, a one-touch 5 mph mode, and the Smart Learning Operation (SLO) mode. The setup also includes a digital dash display called the Economical Riding Indicator that provides a clear guide to the rider when riding conditions are most efficient. The Ultra 300X also has an Electronic Trim Control (ETC) system, which controls the nozzle angle of the 160mm jet pump to adjust hull attitude to suit water surface conditions and riding style.

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260 horsepower may not be all that big of a deal on the road anymore, but out in the waters where there are no speed limits, it’s a license to have some good ’ol fashion, jet-skiing fun.

That’s what the new Kawasaki Ultra 260X Jet Ski will give you and quite frankly, we’d give up a whole lot more to have one of these babies tucked in a trailer, ready for some open-sea action on the weekends.

But more than just the jet skis race-refined 1,498cc fuel-injected four-cylinder Kawasaki powerplant with a Roots-type supercharger that produces a mouth-watering 260 horsepower, the Ultra 260X is also a fine piece of jet ski awesomeness because it comes with top-of-the-line technology courtesy of the fine folks from Kawasaki.

To begin with, the fiberglass reinforced plastic hull is loaded with DNA from Kawasaki’s IJSBA championship-winning machines, including carefully designed sponsons and chines for enhanced straight-line stability and more precise cornering. Likewise, the 22.5-degree deep-V hull leans into corners, providing a smoother ride in rough waters, greatly reducing the lateral G-loads generated during turns and helps keep the rider in control.

The Ultra 260X also features a five-step adjustable handlebar position that riders to either stand up or sit down to enjoy the full breadth of power and versatility the jet ski provides. Add that to an enormous 60-gallon storage space and you have a jet ski that comes with all the requirements needed for some high-speed, open-sea action.

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The 2009 Kawasaki Jet Ski Ultra 260X is escalating the PWC power game to its next level.

Kawasaki Ultra X

History is about to repeat itself, as Kawasaki’s new Jet Ski Ultra 260X reclaims the title as the most powerful production PWC sold in the U.S. Only two years after shattering records with the supercharged and intercooled Ultra 250X, Kawasaki engineers have raised the horsepower stakes even higher with the new Ultra 260X.

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