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Yamaha’s YAM models are among the most practical and reliable inflatable boats in their class. Thanks to their V-shaped hulls and inflatable keels they offer a great level of stiffness, agility and comfort. Not to mention about the big tube diameters and the wide bow design that further improve the overall comfort.

As far as dimensions are concerned the Yamaha Yam 310STi measures 3.06 m long, the 275STi is 2.72 m, while the 240STi is 2.4 m long.

The 310STi and 275STi can be combined with 7.3 Kw engines, while the 240 STi supports a maximum engine power of 2.9 Kw.

As far as safety is concerned the boats are equipped with strong, secure grab-handles, seat patches and D-rings.

The Yamaha YAM 310STi has a starting price of €1,195, the YAM 275STi costs €1,095 and the Yamaha YAM 240STi can be yours for not less than £998.

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Yamaha’s Yam models are among the most wanted inflatable boats in their segment. These capable models are perfectly suited for a wide range of applications like camping trips, water sports, family holidays, lake cruises and many others.

Apart from their versatility the Yamaha Yam boats are pretty good looking too, featuring a dynamic design language combined with smart ergonomics. They are also pretty easy to transport thanks to their smart design.

Among the safety features offered by Yamaha’s Yam boats you’ll find strong, secure grab-handles, seat patches and D-rings.

To offer a good handling and rigidity all Yamaha YAM Sport models use a stable V-hull configuration. You also get scratch-resistant rigid floors offered as standard equipment.

As far as prices are concerned the cheapest Yam costs £639 (YAM 240S), while the biggest one can be yours for £1059 (YAM 380S).

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If you are looking for a compact boat to help you get out of the water or for small sailing adventures, you’ll certainly like the Yamaha YAM 220T and the 240T models.

Like any Yamaha product, the YAM 220T and 240T offer first class reliability and are fitted with the latest technologies in the business being able to satisfy even the highest expectations.

Both models are powered by the same 4 hp engine which is perfectly suited for the needs of a compact inflatable boat.

As far as practicality is concerned the Yam 240T is 2.4 meters long, while the 220T measures 2.18 meters with a maximum load capacity of 350 kg and 280 kg respectively.

The boats come with V-shaped hulls and inflatable keels to ensure great rigidity, agility and performance.

As far as pricing is concerned the 2012 Yam 220T costs £499, while the 2012 Yam 240T can be yours for £569.

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The Yamaha TAM230B is a fairly versatile and tough boat especially developed for those who need a reliable, spacious and practical partner for their expeditions.

Whether you’re going out fishing, camping or you just want to relax on the water the Yamaha Yam230B is ready to follow your lead with obedience.

This compact boat can be inflated or packed in minutes thanks to its practical high-speed air pump. The boat measured 2.25 m long and can accommodate comfortably up to 2 adults. It is also worthy of being mentioned that the YAM 230B is constructed using the latest generation 1100 DECITEX PVC material, with all seams and joints glue-bonded for optimum watertightness and safety. You’ll also like to know that the boat offers a maximum load capacity of 270 kg.

It is powered by a lively 4 hp engine (recommended by Yamaha).

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The WPPA has issued yellow cards to Abdullah Al-Sulaiti and Luca Nicolini, Qatar 95, for their part in the first corner incident during the Scandinavian Grand Prix, which saw Jotuns’s, Jorn Tandberg and Christian Zaborowski crash out. “Drivers were warned at the pre race briefing to pay particular attention from the green/start flag and the run to, and into the first corner,” said WPPA Chief Commissioner, Rory Power. “We looked at the TV footage to evaluate the situation, and it is clear that (...)
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