Yamaha AR

Yamaha AR

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Yamaha presented its latest jet drive boat model which comes with a fresh style and a lot of modern technologies. The new, 2013 Yamaha AR 192 is a reliable and fast jet boat, powered by an 1812 cc supercharged engine with electronic fuel injection. Needless to say that the four-cylinder, four-stroke, 16 valve supercharged engine provides great efficiency and plenty of power, propelling the jet boat effortless through the waves.

As far as storage places are concerned the 2013 Yamaha AR192 comes with a pretty spacious glove box and an oversized, in-floor locker that can accommodate various items.

Once on board you are also met by a convenient helm that helps you transform any trip in a relaxing experience.

The 2013 Yamaha AR192 is packed with an AM/FM Stereo with MP3 player input and four premium marine speakers. You’ll also like the cruise assist, electronic speedometer and the fuel management system.

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The Yamaha AR210 is one of the roomiest models in its class because it offers the biggest passenger space. You also get an ergonomically designed cockpit that offers generous storage spaces and a useful in floor locker. Once on board you are also met by a dynamic helm that features easy-to-read performance-style guages.

When you want to relax, there is available an expanded bow that can be configured according to your wishes. There is even available a bow ladder that can be folded into the anchor locker in no time.

For more comfort, the Yamaha AR210 features an aluminum tower, a stern swim platform placed very close to the water’s edge and a Clarion AM/FM Stereo with MP3.

The 2013 AR210 is propelled by Yamaha’s 1052 cc marine twin engine with Electronic Fuel Injection. The engine is paired with a generous fuel tank that has a capacity of 50 GAL.

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The 2013 Yamaha AR190 is a sporty jet boat powered by Yamaha’s famous 1.8 liter Marine engine. The 1812cc unit is fed by a generous fuel tank with a capacity of 30 GAL.

The Yamaha AR190 can accommodated up to eight passengers and features a folding aluminum tower that offers the perfect angle for riding the wake. Among the long list of comfort features offered by the Yamaha AR190 you’ll find J-shaped cockpit seating, integrated drink holders, adjustable captain’s chair with flip-up bolster, a spacious glove box and tilt steering. You also get a generous in-floor storage compartment that can easily accommodate voluminous items.

The spacious cockpit features an integrated helm design that puts everything within easy reach. Moreover, the tower folds away when not in use for easy towing and storage. There are also available optional racks, speakers and a tower mirror.

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The Yamaha AR210 is the perfect boat for a family that likes water sports. This nine person boat is design for efficiency, storage and fun. Features The Powerplant: The AR210 is powered by two high-performance, 110 horsepower, four-cylinder, 1052cc Yamaha marine engines. Electronic fuel injection feeds each of these powerplants, providing excellent throttle response throughout the total RPM range. Yamaha Loop-charged Combustion: Fuel mixture actually loops as it enters the combustion (...)

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