Yamaha FX SHO

Yamaha FX SHO

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Sleek, agile and strong, the new Yamaha FX SHO is a fast machine that is eager to swim through the waves every time you fire up its engine.

The FX SHO that is the smoothest and strongest 3 seat touring model built by Yamaha, so you can expect to first class ergonomics and performances.

Power comes from a DOHC super charged 1,812cc engine with Electronic Fuel Injection. The ski jet also comes with Yamaha’s Electronic Throttle Control system that offers a wide range of modes especially designed to make your journey more pleasurable.

As far as practicality is concerned, the Yamaha FX SHO features a unique tilt-adjustable steering, a comfortable two-piece seat, a large stern platform and twin handles. There are also more storage places then ever and the company says that the new model offers 40% more capacity than the previous ones.

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Yamahas are known for being one of the best jet ski manufacturers in the world, so you really don’t expect anything less than high-quality products from these guys.

The Yamaha FX SHO sits on the market’s luxury class, and true to form, it’s front and center, and considered as the holy grail of Yamaha jet skis. With an energetic powerplant and newly redesigned hull, the FX SHO offers an unrivaled mix of extreme performance and luxury, one that is raising the bar even higher in the luxury performance class of jet skis all over the world.

Though the overall design of the FX SHO hasn’t changed a whole lot in the last three years, the jet ski still comes packed with plenty of features, highlighted by a NanoXcel High-Compression Molded Compound that’s considered as the only nanotechnology-engineered body compound on the market. The FX SHO also has a comfortable three-person seat, an adjustable steering and trim control, an integrated beverage holder and glovebox, a retractable reboarding ladder, an all-new fast access stern storage, and a multifunction instrumentation that includes the industry’s only fuel flow meter.

But more than the technologically advanced design of the FX SHO, this jet ski is also powered by a monster 1,812cc four-stroke four cylinder supercharged Yamaha marine engine that delivers even thrust through all the rpm ranges. The engine also comes with plenty of different features, including Cruise Assist, an exclusive feature that reduces throttle fatigue and improves towing capability. The FX SHO also has a No Wake Mode, which sets the engine to optimum no wake speed, and a remote transmitter security system and Low RPM Mode, a system that drastically reduces the jet skis fuel consumption by up to 26%.

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The Yamaha FX SHO, considered as the most award-winning watercraft of all time, features now the massive torque of the industry’s largest engine and the responsive ride of a NanoXcel™ hull and deck to offer you the best ride of your life.

Yamaha FX SHO

The FX SHO is a perfect form in a PWC. It is the product know-how garnered from two decades of Yamaha PWC development and evolution since our first model was introduced, and making full use of the very latest technological advances. The sharp-lined body has been designed with state-of-the-art PWC technologies in every aspect. Its 1,812cc 4-stroke, supercharged engine is Yamaha’s answer to what constitutes the ideal format for a PWC engine. Its SMC hull is built with a super-light material called NanoXcel™. And, the FX SHO also boasts the latest in electronic control devices, like the industry-first Cruise Assist. The seat is a sports type that enables greater freedom of sitting position for the rider and passenger. Features including the extra large rear platform, the Reboarding Step and the Cruise Assist function combine to make this the ideal ski boat. In fact, you will find that the FX SHO provides unbeatable performance and features for hard-core marine enthusiasts and families alike, in all kinds of marine sports and leisure use and in high-speed cruising. This is a machine that is sure to exceed your highest expectations.

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The 2008 Yamaha FX SHO Waverunner is quick and looks very! This Waverunner has, along with an impressive list of really innovative new features, the largest displacement engine ever put into a Personal Water Craft. This is a total package of comfort, performance, and technology features.

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