2012 Yamaha Superjet

Anytime you can ride on a jet ski that feels like you’re in perfect harmony with it on the water, then you must be sitting on the Yamaha SuperJet .

Ultimate quickness and control is the SuperJet’s trademark, with the ability to out-carve rival racers by diving deep on the inside and turning like a sharp blade. All that can be attributed to its amazing power and acceleration, which if you didn’t know, comes courtesy of the race-bred 2-stroke engine that has been combined with a smooth, ultra-light hull.

The SuperJet is faster and also more stable than any other jet ski. It’ amazingly agile with unbelievable grip and bite on the water. Moreover, the SuperJet is also easy to ride with the wide-front hull, the clever, spring-assisted handle pole design and the great lean-forward riding position making a world of difference.

With the SuperJet, you’ll definitely know that the rider can easily get the fun of riding out on the open water.

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Yamaha SuperJet

Yamaha Superjet

Rider and machine in perfect harmony. At one with each other and with the water. That’s how races are won and maximum enjoyment achieved. That’s the SuperJet.

The awesome power and acceleration of the race-bred 2-stroke engine is blended with a sleek, ultra-light hull. Supreme agility and control is the SuperJet’s trademark, with the ability to out-carve rival racers by diving deep on the inside and turning like a sharp blade.

The unique ergonomic design and spring-assisted steering pole and handlebar lead the rider naturally into the comfortable lean-forward position, the ideal not only for competition, but for spirited sport riding. The SuperJet is ready – and waiting.

The SuperJet™ is the trusted weapon of choice for many of the world’s leading champs and pro racers. It lets them ride like their machine is almost an extension of their body - which is why the SuperJet stands out so convincingly from the rest. "Much quicker and more stable than any other stand-up I’ve ever ridden – it gives me huge confidence to attack the turns."

"Amazingly agile, with incredible grip and bite on the water – I know I can go out and win with this!"

"Easy and less tiring to ride - the wide-front hull, the clever, spring-assisted handle pole design and the great lean-forward riding position make a big difference."

High-performance 2-stroke engine

Yamaha Superjet

The SuperJet is powered by a high-performance, two-cylinder, 701cc Yamaha engine. Two 38mm Mikuni® carburretors feed this world-class power plant, providing excellent throttle response throughout the total RPM range. Loop-charged combustion helps to distribute fuel/air mixture evenly for better combustion, performance and fuel economy.

Lightweight, deep-strake hull with wide front section

Yamaha Superjet

Perfectly balanced for hard cornering and straight-line speed, the SuperJet’s lightweight deep-strake hull features moulded-in sponsons. Positioned forward on the craft, they increase the wetted surface area of the hull. This allows the craft to turn more easily while also making the SuperJet more stable.

Optimised intake duct pump and ride-plate position

Yamaha Superjet

To increase dynamic stability and straight-line running performance within the limited space of the hull, the ride plate is positioned far aft – effectively lengthening the waterline. The pump itself is also positioned far aft, providing stable pump performance even in choppy water.

Hyper-Flow jet pump and adjustable steering nozzle

Yamaha Superjet

The SuperJet 144mm Hyper-Flow jet pump propulsion system is designed to maximise water flow for high performance. The SuperJet pump configuration provides excellent hook-up and smooth acceleration.

Race-developed stainless steel impeller

Yamaha Superjet

The SuperJet’s stainless steel impeller was developed with the feedback from racers. Fluid analysis technology was used to realise its super-efficient, high-performance design – a design that delivers superior acceleration and speed.

Spring-assisted steering pole

Yamaha Superjet

The spring assisted steering pole and handlebars have been specially designed to provide a riding position that allows you to get the most out of the SuperJet – a machine built for winning. The result is a forward-leaning riding position that always puts riders in the most ideal stance for competition.


Yamaha Superjet
Engine type2-Cylinder, 2-stroke
Bore x stroke81.0 mm x 68.0 mm
Compression ratio7.2 : 1
Cooling systemWater-cooled
Pump Type144 mm Axial Flow
FuelUnleaded Regular Gasoline
Fuel supply systemFloatless Carburettor Mikuni BN38 x 2
Fuel capacity18.0 litres
Lubrication systemPre-Mixed oil/fuel
Oil capacity-
Length2.24 m
Width0.68 m
Height0.66 m
Dry weight139 kg
Storage Capacity-
Rider capacity1 person


Yamaha Superjet

Personalwatercraft ---- "To paraphrase several notable speeches, the reports of the Yamaha SuperJet’s death have been greatly exaggerated"

Johnburrcycles ---- "Whether it’s freestyle, closed-course racing or free-riding, the SuperJet gives the ultimate combination of balance, control and freedom. With a legendary riding experience like nothing else on the water, the best-selling stand-up watercraft of all time continues its reign as the undisputed champion of the water"

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