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Forever altering the landscape of watercraft design, the Yamaha VX Cruiser breaks down barriers between comfort, luxury and affordability, creating a class of watercraft that embraces all three. With sculpted lines and a generous cruiser seat, the best-selling VX Cruiser transcends all preconceptions of affordable watercraft—offering a uniquely gratifying experience at a price that is equally satisfying.

Yamaha VX Cruiser

Since its release in 2005, the VX has become a best-selling model in markets around the world. Now, Yamaha Yamaha ’s unique Cruiser Concept puts some fine finishing touches on this popular model to widen its appeal even more. Take it out on the water and you will experience how the Cruiser Seat provides a perfect fit, when maneuvering through the water and when accelerating. You will also experience the sharp handling and excellence balance that the VX hull design provides.

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The ultimate fusion of the legendary and the latest, the all-new Yamaha FX Cruiser HO joins celebrated Yamaha Yamaha craftsmanship and revolutionary watercraft design. Pairing the renowned comfort of Yamaha’s cruiser seat and raised handlebars with a pristine new NanoXcel hull and deck, the FX Cruiser HO is a watercraft that is as forward thinking as it is laid-back.

Yamaha FX Cruiser HO

The new FX Cruiser HO may be the model that enjoys most of the advantages of the Cruiser Concept, the most treasured type of WaveRunner. There are times that riders who have cruised a long distance want to cruise a little bit further. Yamaha has thought of that ant the FX Cruiser HO features the Hip Support Seat and Raised Handle Bar which are the result of ergonomic design give the rider the edge to go a little further even when he or she is tired, and enhance the ease of cruising on the water.

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Never before has a personal watercraft been capable of dominated both the performance and luxury categories like Yamaha’s FX Cruiser SHO. Named 2008 "Watercraft of the Year" by Watercraft World, the 2009 FX Cruiser SHO combines Yamaha’s luxurious cruiser seat with an amenity-rich layout and a nimble NanoXcel hull and deck—seamlessly melding intuitive design with indulgent performance.

Yamaha FX Cruiser SHO

The FX Cruiser SHO is everything a discerning rider really wants! The discerning riders demand the best components that completely satisfy the demands of unparalleled performance, comfort that makes you want to stay on the water, luxury that draws attention wherever you go and naturally top quality. Provided with a high output 1.8L supercharged engine, a NanoXcel ultra lightweight hull incorporating nano-technology that features superior maneuverability, comfort and stability, and a variety of electronic control functions, the 2009 FX Cruiser SHO is the culmination of the best technology available in a contemporary PWC.

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Today, the value and function that people demand in a sky jet are becoming increasingly sophisticated. People want high performance and advanced functions that are out of the ordinary, and styling that is the envy of everyone in the surrounding area. Of course, high reliability is a basic premise that goes without saying, and the importance of environmental performance and economic performance are on the rise.

Yamaha FX HO

The new Yamaha FX HO proudly bears a badge of power that other watercraft have yet to earn. With an ultra lightweight design and the unmatched power of a 1.8-liter, 1,812 cc normally aspirated high output engine, the FX HO redefines the high-performance category—pairing unrivaled power with an incomparable price.

The combination of a high output engine, lightweight body and newly designed pump generate awesome acceleration. On the other hand, it can also be used for cruising or towing a wakeboard with power to spare. The only limit to enjoyment on the weekends with this model is your imagination.

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The Yamaha FX SHO, considered as the most award-winning watercraft of all time, features now the massive torque of the industry’s largest engine and the responsive ride of a NanoXcel™ hull and deck to offer you the best ride of your life.

Yamaha FX SHO

The FX SHO is a perfect form in a PWC. It is the product know-how garnered from two decades of Yamaha PWC development and evolution since our first model was introduced, and making full use of the very latest technological advances. The sharp-lined body has been designed with state-of-the-art PWC technologies in every aspect. Its 1,812cc 4-stroke, supercharged engine is Yamaha’s answer to what constitutes the ideal format for a PWC engine. Its SMC hull is built with a super-light material called NanoXcel™. And, the FX SHO also boasts the latest in electronic control devices, like the industry-first Cruise Assist. The seat is a sports type that enables greater freedom of sitting position for the rider and passenger. Features including the extra large rear platform, the Reboarding Step and the Cruise Assist function combine to make this the ideal ski boat. In fact, you will find that the FX SHO provides unbeatable performance and features for hard-core marine enthusiasts and families alike, in all kinds of marine sports and leisure use and in high-speed cruising. This is a machine that is sure to exceed your highest expectations.

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The Yamaha FZS is distinguished by its incredible high-speed handling and stand-up riding capabilities. Its aerodynamic hull design combines remarkable tight turning with an edge-to-edge inside lean character for unparalleled precision. Incorporating an extended seat into its aggressive design, the FZS also offers passengers the opportunity to experience the refined ferocity of a Yamaha musclecraft.

Yamaha FZS

The FZS is a three-person waverunner that offers the versatility to tow or ride with multiple passengers making your days on the water unforgettable.

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The new FZR waverunner from Yamaha evokes the world-championship racing heritage of Yamaha in a new era of high-performance musclecraft design. Built specifically to accommodate stand-up riding, the FZR pairs Yamaha’s renowned SHO engine technology with a new race-inspired NanoXcel™ hull and deck—the result is a state of the art watercraft that is quick and nimble with the balance and maneuverability to truly connect the driver to the machine.

Yamaha FZR

The new FZ Series WaveRunners is the first sit-down personal watercraft designed for stand-up riding. This sports-oriented line features the industry’s first telescopic steering column to help make it easier for riders go from sitting to standing and offers three different riding positions. The hull, deck and seat were also designed to promote stand-up riding.

In the 2009 FZR all of the elements that you would expect in a watercraft known for its performance are balanced at a very high level of maneuverability in the high-speed range, sportiness, highly honed turning performance and exhilarating acceleration.

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Dependable, reliable, affordable.

The 2008 VX is Yamaha’s answer to the person who wants the refreshing feeling of a high-performance 4-stroke engine and the kind of sharp handling that the high-performance VX hull provides, all at a reasonable price.

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