Gran Turismo 5 adds three different track layouts of the Nurburgring

If there’s one redeeming factor that has made this long arduous wait for Gran Turismo 5 a little more bearable, it’s that the game’s developers are continuously adding new features to the game.

The latest feature added to GT5’s supposed across-the-board racing experience is the inclusion of three different track configurations for the Nurburgring Nordschleife. That’s the Green Hell in three different lay-outs - the classic Nordschleife circuit, the 24 Hours of Nurbugring layout, and the Grand Prix course - giving us more than enough configurations to test our wares on one of the world’s most famous - and hardest - racing circuits. Sounds tasty.

Source: Kotaku


This is a amazing feature for the GT5.

I’m pretty sure he’s comfortable with the R35 regardless of whatever track he’s on. He came within a second or so of the times the engineers recorded on Nissan’s track. Up until that point he had not actually driven the car. That’s impressive.

193 on a four-lane stretch of the Autobahn. That’s just insane. All it needs is a grandma stuck between two trucks pulling into the passing lane, and the guy is history.

Nurburgring is really the longest track in the world, and most new car company test their machine in here.

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