Scaletrix-inspired PadRacer game now available for the iPad

Scalextric was one of those really old school games that we kind of miss playing every now and then. Fortunately, the iPad - or at least Apple - seems to have taken a liking to the game too. So much so that they’ve taken the Scalextric concept and to the digital age with the new iPad game app, the PadRacer.

The unique thing about the PadRacer is that you’re going to need more than just an iPad to play it. Playable by up to four players, the PadRacer has a unique controller system in the shape of either an iPhone or an iTouch, where you’re responsible for the movements of your car by using the two handheld device’s gyroscopic motion sensor.

From the looks of the video, the PadRacer seems like a fun game to play, although you’re going to need to shell out $5 to download the game. And a minimum of $500 for the iPad. And whatever the iPhone or iTouch is going for these days. This is turning out to be a little more expensive than previously calculated...

Source: Wired


It’s a nice notion because it can be played anywhere then without hassle.

Wow, it’s a great idea because it’s going to be a dandy game!

We’re going to have lots of fun since more persons can play!

So, what can game addicts say about this? It could earn both positive and negative feedbacks, and I’m on the favorable side because I like their notion of having up to four players at the same time.

It was supposed to be a good game, but the idea of consoles-like iPhone was not that good for me. It makes the game difficult to play.

What is the connection of Chevy and baseball?

haha..Its nice to know that even that old school games is now available in it.

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