Xbox One

Xbox One

Forza Motorsports 5 represents a big leap for Microsoft, Turn 10 studios and sim racing games in general. With the release of Forza 5 on the Xbox One, racing games have now entered “the next generation.”

That term and what it means can be argued for hours, but essentially the increased power offered by Xbox One means the newest Forza looks better and features better physics than most any other racing game.

We were able to snag a new Xbox One and a copy of Forza 5 to see if the updated visuals and enhanced features really did make a difference. We have given it several weeks of play to make sure we had a chance to sample Multiplayer, look for major bugs and even try out some of the DLC .

Is Forza Motorsports 5 worth the cost of a new Xbox One? Do the new features warrant an upgrade over Forza 4 or the newly released Gran Turismo 6?

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