Opening in less than 90 days, the 2007 Los Angeles Auto Show will feature at least a dozen world premieres of production and/or concept vehicles from nine top automakers during the show’s media days Nov. 14 and 15. Audi, Chrysler Chrysler , Ford Ford , General Motors, Honda Honda , Hyundai Hyundai , Nissan Nissan , Toyota Toyota and Volkswagen Volkswagen are all confirmed to unveil one or more production and/or concept vehicles at this year’s show. Last year, for the first time in more than 30 years, the LA Auto Show ran in the fall rather than (...)

The Micra Colour + Concept show car has been designed and conceived at Nissan Design Europe, the company’s European design headquarters in London, to showcase the latest colour and paint technology and to highlight the changes that have been made to the entire Micra range.

The 308 will be Peugeot’s fi rst vehicle with HDi hybrid technology to be marketed before the end of the decade. This vehicle strengthens the environmental impact of the 308 range and provides concrete evidence of work carried out by Peugeot in this fi eld. This demonstrator features an original body colour (pearlescent white with green overtones), and special trim and equipment to differentiate it from the production hatchback models.

At this year’s 62nd Frankfurt Motor Show, Nissan will be showing an all new concept car, the Mixim, a compact vehicle for young drivers who are mostly engaged by their computer and the world via the internet.

The concept car Flux, designed by Mihai Panaitescu, won the 4th Peugeot design competition. The car was designed to achieve universal pleasure by adapting different lifestyle situations. The theme of this fourth competition, summed up by acronym P.L.E.A.S.E. Innovate!, has inspired creativity of web based designers throughout world, resulting in more than 4,000 projects.

Mitsubishi will unveil in September at the Frankfurt Auto Show, the Concept-cX, an accessible, affordable, sustainable and realistic solution to today’s pressing issues. Sporty and flexible, Mitsubishi Concept-cX will follow the popular compact SUV route to carry this message right at the heart of the market.

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