Okay, I have worked in many repair shops in my day. During my tour as a service manager, I came across a fair share of “Mountain Man Mechanics,” which is the politically correct thing to call them. These guys love taking the strangest vehicles and creating monsters out of them.

There was one mechanic that took a 1980s Honda Civic hatchback and dropped a 1300 cc Hayabusa engine in it, thinking it would increase the Civic’s performance. He didn’t quite grasp the logic of torque-to-weight ratio and ended up with only a really cool sounding Civic .

Another monster that sticks out in my mind is when a mechanic tore apart his unwilling wife’s mid-1990s Mitsubishi Mirage and dropped its body on a self-shortened S-10 frame. He then dropped a 307 cubic-inch Oldsmobile engine in it and connected the Olds engine to the transmission and transfer case on the S-10 frame. It actually looked and sounded mean when he was done, but instead of re-welding the frame together, he used several bolts to secure it. Guess what happened...

What’s my point here? Well, a new monster has recently come to our attention, which is for sale on Craigslist. The owner has dubbed this machine a 2007 Willys Trike. This trike has a stretched Jeep CJ-2 body with a motorcycle wheel on the front. The body sits on a custom frame – hopefully it’s welded – and has the rear independent suspension from a T-bird.

Instead of having the old Jeep CJ-2 engine, this beast has a Chevy 4.3-liter Vortec engine, which is good for around 190 horsepower, if it is stock. Plus it has a four-speed transmission connecting the engine to the rear wheels.

The handle bars for the motorcycle wheel span all the way from the front of the vehicle through two slots under the windshield. We bet this thing is a scary animal to maneuver at high speeds. But anyways, this “Mountain Man” monster can be yours for “just” $11,000. We bet this thing sits on the market for a while.

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Now that Christmas is about two-and-a-half weeks away, we figured that it would be the right time to give suggestions on what kind of presents to get for your loved ones, or if you’re not giving anything to anybody, what to get yourself.

Now seeing as this is a place devoted entirely to cars, we figured that one of the coolest things to give as a present would be a car. More specifically, a car with roots to the Prancing Horse of Maranello.

This is a 2007 Ferrari 599 GTB , one of the finest Ferraris to ever roll out of Maranello and if you’ve got the funds, you can actually take it home with you in time for the holidays. This particular 599 GTB is powered by a 6.0-liter 12 engine that produces no less than 620 horsepower and is equipped with a six-speed paddle-shift F1 transmission. Even better than that, the car is dressed in Ferrari’s iconic red paint finish with an authentic black leather interior. It also has electromagnetic suspension dampers, ceramic brakes, shields, and red brake calipers.

As for mileage, it’s got 5,396 miles tacked on its engine, which is pretty reasonable given the car’s esteemed and powerful lineage. If you’re interested in the car, it’s best to contact the people of Exotic Classics in New York and ask about the car’s price tag. Rest assured, it’s going to be the most expensive Christmas present you’re ever going to buy.

So here it is you generous gift-givers! Why not do away with the cursory sweaters or the new Nike runners and give your loved one the gift of a Prancing Horse – a 599 GTB at that – sitting in his garage. Rest assured, you’re going to make him one of the happiest – and luckiest – fellas this season.

Source: Jameslist

Do you have an extra $1.3 million in your pocket? Need a pricey Christmas present to impress a certain someone? Well, here’s one way to spend it; how about buying a Pagani Zonda F Roadster Clubsport? Limited to only 25 units, this special edition was priced at $750,000 at launch, but now you get to pay almost twice as much for a model with 3,107 miles on the odometer. That’s the price you pay for wanting to own an exclusive, sold out model. The guys who turn these vehicles over are either the biggest swindlers or the best businessmen, you can decide.

The Zonda F Clubsport is powered by a Mercedes AMG V12 engine with no less than 650 HP under the hood. Its performance speaks for itself with a 0-62mph time of 3.6 seconds, a 0-124mph time of 9.8 seconds, and a top speed of 214mph. It’s fitted with Brembo carbon ceramic brakes with yellow calipers, a lifting system, and Inconel and titanium exhaust system. Other features include a Nardi steering wheel in traditional wood, carbon fiber engine covers, and special dark color aluminum parts.

Want a piece of Pagani ’s special edition history? Fork over $1.3 million in cold, hard cash to the folks at Auto Salon Singen GmbH and it can be yours.

Source: jameslist

First launched in 2003, the Murano SUV is entering the 2009 MY with a new exterior, interior and enhanced technology. For 2009, Murano is being offered in five different versions: S 2WD, S AWD, SL 2WD, SL AWD and LE AWD, with prices ranging from $27,680 to $37,260.

Nissan Murano

For 2009, Murano comes with a wide front end with a dynamic front fascia design, a wide grille with large integrated headlights, strong body side character lines with pronounced 18-inch or 20-inch wheels and tires and a distinctive rear end set off by an expansive rear glass area and LED taillights.

Nissan Murano

The 2009 Murano is powered by a revised 265-hp 3.5-liter DOHC V6 backed by a new advanced Xtronic CVT™ (Continuously Variable Transmission), with a front-wheel drive or an advanced all-wheel drive drivetrain. Murano also features a new D-platform, as well as new suspension, body structure and state-of-the-art steering for improved ride comfort and precise handling.

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The Infiniti G37 Coupé offers dramatic performance in a thoroughly seductive shape. Although sharing a great deal of hardware with the G37 Sedan, the Coupé is designed to appeal to different buyer.

Infiniti G37

Among the key enhancements to the new second-generation G Coupe are a larger, more powerful 3.7-liter V6 engine, available advanced 4-Wheel Active Steer system, a dramatic new exterior design and a refined interior with intuitive, integrated technology. Top speed is limited at 250 km/h (155 mph), while 0-100 km/h takes just 5.8 seconds (on M/T version).

Infiniti G37

There are three versions of the G37 Coupé on offer – the well equipped G37 Coupé, the more luxurious GT version with leather upholstery, and the sport-oriented S version with 4-Wheel Active Steer system, a Viscous Limited Slip Differential (VLSD) and sports suspension settings among other changes.

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The Volkswagen Tiguan made its world debut at the 2007 Frankfurt Motor Show and starting the spring of 2008 it is also available in the USA. In here it can be ordered from three trim levels: S, SE, and SEL, with prices starting from $23,200.

Volkswagen Tiguan

The standard engine is a 2.0L TSI engine that delivers 200 hp and 207 lbs –ft of torque. The combination of four valves per cylinder, direct fuel injection and turbo charging delivers the optimum balance of power and economy. European tuned suspension enables connected handling, while also providing a smooth and compliant ride.

Volkswagen Tiguan

Both front wheel drive and 4Motion all-wheel-drive is available to suit any weather or road condition. The engine is mated to either a six-speed automatic or six-speed manual transmission.

As standard equipment, Tiguan includes six airbags, with rear side airbags available as an option.

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A new customized Genesis sedan to be unveiled at the SEMA Show is the RKSport Genesis. It is a high-performance model that will be powered by enhanced version of the Tau V8 engine (originally making about 375 hp) developed by Hyundai’s U.S. powertrain engineering team in Michigan.

Styling modifications to the RKSport Genesis include a composite hood, unique front and rear lower fascias, side skirts, a composite rear roof spoiler and trunk spoiler. RKSport will partner with well-known aftermarket companies to add TSW alloy wheels, a Baer performance brake package, K&N performance air intake, Eibach lowering springs and a Magnaflow performance exhaust.

At SEMA we’ll also see the HKS Genesis Coupe , the RMR Genesis Coupe , and the Genesis Coupe Street Concepts .

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What is the new Audi A4? It is a car that gives you new feelings every time you get behind the wheel, a car that offers the best driving pleasure; a bad boy that makes people turn their heads every time you are in the neighborhood, but in the same time a car that is capable of offering enough space and security for your entire family. And to summarize in just few words: a car that deserves the four-circle logo.

Audi A4

The Audi A4 made its world debut last year at the Frankfurt Auto Show and on the US market will be available starting fall 2008. It will be offered with two powerful engines, both on gasoline. One will be the 2.0 TFSI four-cylinder engine that delivers 211 hp and one the turbocharged 3.2 FSI V6 that delivers 265 hp. The A4 will make the 0 to 60 mph sprint in 6.3 seconds and will hit a top speed of 130 mph (electronically limited).

First unveiled in 1994, the A4 was a car with many lacks. Is true it was a quality car, but buyers would always prefer its greater competition: the BMW 3-Series. But it seems that the new generation comes to say “enough is enough”: with new look, new technology, new interior and many gadgets that makes the driving more pleasant and offers best security, the A4 is for the first time a car that stands in front of its competitors with no fear.

Audi A4

Compared to its predecessor, the designers tweaked the proportions into a new sporty ratio. The front overhang was shortened, and the hood and the wheelbase were extended visibly. The new A4 measures 4.70 meters (15.42 feet), nearly 12 centimeters (4.6 inches) more than its predecessor. The body also documents the advances: It is significantly stiffer and safer than its predecessor, while, at the same time, dropping about 10 percent of its weight thanks to intelligent lightweight steel construction.

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Renault R27

Their sound sends a shrill through our spines on race weekends. The engine that powers a F1 car is different compared to a normal car’s engine. But how different are they? This topspeed.com special article gives you an exclusive insight on F1 engines that should answer all your questions.

Outstanding top performance and maximum dynamism combined with excellent suitability for everyday use are the impressive features of the new Audi RS 6 Avant, which will be unveiled to the public for the first time at the IAA 2007 in Frankfurt. A newly developed V10 engine with FSI direct injection and twin turbochargers, permanent quattro four-wheel drive and sports suspension with Dynamic Ride Control DRC set the standard for high-performance vehicles in the luxury class. 426 kW (580 bhp) and a maximum torque of 650 Nm add up to an unforgettable performance experience. At the same time, the new Audi RS 6 Avant offers a high standard of travel comfort – on long journeys, too.

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