The Evora GTE Concept’s engine is still a bit warm from its 2011 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance debut, and Lotus is already revving up the production version for the Frankfurt Motor Show. The Evora GTE road car was originally designed as a special limited edition for the Asian market, but Group Lotus has decided to expand its production to meet demand and reach further markets.

The Evora GTE is powered by a race-tuned 3.5-liter V6 engine that delivers a total of 444 HP, making it the most powerful Lotus road car ever built. It also delivers a comfortable and refined element to its high performance driving characteristics.

Commenting on the Evora GTE road car, Group Lotus CEO Dany Bahar said: "The response to this model in China has been so incredible, within days we had sold out with 114 orders. In response we decided that the only logical step from a business perspective was to increase production and widen our reach.

"What is unique about this car, is not just that it’s a serious race car – it’s a serious car. People get so excited when they see and especially hear it for the first time. It’s a very special car and will appeal to a very special type of driver – and they won’t be disappointed!"

UPDATE 09/13/2011: The new special edition Evora GTE has finally been unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show today. The new model comes with carbon fiber front and rear bumpers, a carbon fiber rear wing, and carbon fiber doors. This measure, next to the lightweight Recaro carbon fiber seats, help to reduce the total weight by 231 lbs.

UPDATE 12/19/2011: Lotus has dropped new images of the special edition Evora GTE - and we have to admit it looks great in yellow. See all of the images in our picture gallery!

Dutch manufacturer, Savage, has been hard at work the past couple of years working on their 4-door "topless on demand" supercar, the Rivale Roadyacht GTS . The first prototype version was released back in 2008 with a production model envisioned for 2009. Now, two years after the planned debut, Savage has finished their unique supercar and will be debuting it at the Top Marques Monaco, starting April 14, 2011.

The Rivale Roadyacht GTS is the result of the wild imagination of three men who believe that every dream should come true. Their dream turned out to be a limited edition supercar with only 20 units and in only three exterior colors.

According to Savage this will be the only 4 door "topless on demand" supercar in the world. It combines a "bad-boy" exterior design aspect with an interior inspired by the yachting world. With a 670 HP V8 engine under the hood, the Rivale Roadyacht GTS will be capable of sprinting from 0 to 60 mph in 3.4 seconds, while top speed goes up to an impressive 205 mph.

UPDATE 12/19/11: The first official video of the Savage Rivale Roadyacht GTS has officially been revealed, lending further credence to the growing sentiment that this is one of the most awesome niche super cars to come out of the market in recent history. Check out the video by clicking on the photo above!

UPDATE 03/28/12: A new video uploaded by Savage highlights how the retractable telescopic multi panel roof system on the Rivale Roadyacht GTS works. It’s a pretty neat future on the niche supercar and something that’s worth checking out. Hop on over after the jump and watch the vid!

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Ever since the Honda S2000 was dropped in 2009, rumors surrounding a a hybrid successor for the roadster have been buzzing. Turns out, those rumors may be true now that Honda has announced the EV-STER Concept at the 2011 Tokyo Auto Show. Could this be the beginning of the next small roadster? So far, signs point to yes. The Concept is being described as "a next-generation compact EV sports model, fun to drive while achieving excellent environmental performance." It is an all-electric vehicle that combines the pleasure of driving with zero CO2 emissions.

The new EV-STER Concept is made of carbon materials that help reduce the vehicle’s total weight. It is powered by an electric engine combined with a RWD system and a 10kWh lithium-ion battery that ensure a driving range of approximately 100 miles. The concept will sprint from 0 to 60 mph in 5 seconds and will be capable of a top speed of 100 mph.

The concept uses an easy-to-operate twin-lever steering that was adopted for the thorough pursuit of the joy of driving. Moreover, the new concept model enables the driver to make his/her own adjustments to some vehicle characteristics such as motor output and suspension settings, to embody the joy of maneuvering to the fullest extent.

UPDATE 12/15/11: Honda has officially announced that the EV-STER Concept has been green-lighted for production. The news comes courtesy of Auto Motor und Sport, who stated that Honda CEO Takanobu Ito has said that the roadster is headed to production and could be offered as early as next year in both standard gasoline and electric powertrains.

UPDATE 02/08/12: Honda has released a new promo video of the EV-STER Concept, which you can check out by clicking on the photo above. Enjoy!

At the beginning of 2011, Nissan unveiled the Leaf Nismo RC concept, offering up an "extreme" version for their electric car. Now, the company has taken it back a notch by presenting a new Nismo Concept at the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show - right next to the Juke Nismo - that strips the racing qualities, but moves forward with the Nismo package.

The new Nissan Leaf Nissan Leaf Nismo Concept features an extreme body kit, including a front aero bumper, a rear under protector, rear diffuser, extended side sills, and 18-inch alloy wheels. The front bumper incorporates LED lighting which is arranged transversely to accentuate a sense of motion. Unfortunately, that’s where the modifications end, which isn’t unusual for an electric vehicle. The Nissan Leaf Nismo is still powered by front mounted electric drive motor that only outputs 80 of those kilowatts for a maximum output of 107 HP.

"Nissan LEAF has shown that zero emission mobility is no longer a dream but a reality. The Nismo Concept not only proves the hidden potential of Nissan LEAF but also adds even more excitement and energy to LEAF, delivering a guilt-free yet exhilarating driving experience that can be enjoyed by every car enthusiast," said Hideaki Watanabe, Corporate Vice President, Nissan Motor Company and head of the company’s electric vehicle business unit.

UPDATE 01/29/13: The Nissan Leaf NISMO has been green lighted for production, which should be good news for the struggling model. The only caveat is that the model will be available only in Japan with no performance enhancements.

If anyone can tear their eyes away from the new BRZ sports car for just a second, they could see that Subaru has also presented the fourth generation Impreza at the 2011 Tokyo Auto Show. The new Impreza will be offered in two versions: the five-door known as the Impreza Sport and the four-door known as the Impreza G4. In Japan, the new car will go on sale on December 20, 2011.

This fourth generation all-new Impreza was developed under the concept of "Redefining Value, Redefining Class." This means that next to a new look, the Impreza will also offer superior reliability, handling, and safety features of the Subaru Symmetrical "All-Wheel Drive"system with the Horizontally-Opposed Boxer engine.

The new Impreza will be offered with a choice of 1.6 and 2.0 liter engines combined with a standard a paddle shifting 6-speed manual and new Auto Start Stop system. All of these new items have only one purpose: improving performance and reducing fuel consumption.

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Nissan is headed to the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show with the Juke Nismo - a concept car that offers a first glimpse of Nismo’s future. The vehicle that was designed to "inject some masculinity and dynamism into the small car market" is getting even more agile and aggressive with the addition of the kickass Nismo package.

The new Juke Nismo Concept will be distinguished by Nismo’s signature colors - pearl white with red highlights - and an extreme body kit that not only offers a sportier look but improves the car’s aerodynamics as well. The body kit includes revised bumpers in the front and rear, wider fenders, and sill side skirts. The grille pattern has also been changed and the tailgate spoiler has been modified with the addition of side elements to control airflow more efficiently. The concept will sit on a new set of 19-inch alloy wheels.

The interior has also been highly modified. Everything from the steering wheel, pedals, gauges, shifter knob, and door trims have been redesigned to provide greater involvement when driving. The sporty bucket seats are covered in leather and are highlighted by dials and needles illuminated in red.

"As the Concept shows, Nismo brings new levels of individuality to mainstream Nissan cars like Juke. The future for Nismo is to develop premium sports designs for an ever-widening range of customers," said Nismo President, Shoichi Miyatani.

Hit the jump for a video showing the new Juke Nismo Concept in all of its glory, as well as an explanation for the idea behind the concept.

Just one day after announcing a new tuning package for the Mercedes SLS AMG Roadster , German tuner Brabus have swicthed their focus to another model in the Mercedes line-up, but this time, it’s an SUV. The new generation ML-Class has been hooked up with the customary exterior and interior updates, as well as a significant power increase.

Brabus has brushed up on the new ML-Class’ already aggressive stance with a few accessories to accentuate it even further. The use of an "On Road" front spoiler with attachments for the air inlets in the front fascia, new sill skirts, a new rear spoiler, and a dual or quad sport exhaust system support their effort in bringing the SUV to the next level. Much like every other tuning package provided for any vehicle, Brabus also threw in a new set of wheels ranging from 18" to 22," depending on the choice of the customer. For the interior, Brabus is offering bi-color stainless-steel scuff plates with a backlit Brabus logo, as well as matte-anodized aluminum pedals, door-lock pins, and a new foot rest. Adding more elegance to the package is the choice of exotic-wood and carbon-fiber trim sets in any desired color.

Finally, for the engine updates, the tuner has added an ECO PowerXtra D6S performance kit that will increase the output from 258 HP to 306 HP and the peak torque from 457lb-ft. to 509 lb-ft. As a result, the 0 to 60 mph sprint will be made 1.4 seconds faster, while top speed will be increased to 142 mph.

The new Mercedes ML-Class by Brabus will be presented November 26th at the 2011 Essen Motor Show.

We’ve all seen and heard from Tune It! Safe! over the years for their rather ambitious projects in turning just about every car - exotic or otherwise - they get their hands on into something dressed in police livery. Or in their case, "Polizia".

So it really wasn’t all that surprising to see these guys at the Essen Motor Show proudly displaying their latest work, one that involves an ABT Sportsline-tuned Audi R8 GTR that has been dressed with - what else? - police regalia.

Taking the police livery - which, by the way, was done by Foliatec - out of the equation, this R8 GTR does come with plenty of enhancements on its own, including an extensive carbon fiber body kit, an "RTK-7" police lights from Hella, a sports-tuned suspension system, a new set of 19" wheels wrapped in Hankook tires with carbon ceramic brakes, Recaro seats, and a fully-prepped rollbar.

Since Tune It! Safe! went and used an ABT R8 GTR - one of the 25 available units, we suppose - it goes without saying that the police-dressed supercar comes packed with plenty of performance upgrades, one that ended up bumping the 5.2-liter V10 engine’s output all the way up to a mouth-watering 620 horsepower and 406 lb/ft of torque. These numbers translate to a 0-62 mph time of just 3.2 seconds with a top speed of 202 mph.

Quirkiness aside, we actually dig what these guys did with the ABT R8 GTR. And if we were running away from the cops, this is one police car that we wouldn’t want too see in our rear-view mirrors.

If it was an actual one, that is.

Normally a show dominated by auto tuning companies, the 2011 Essen Motor Show will have something different to offer on the table this year. One automaker, a major one at that, is expected to make its debut to Europe’s answer to SEMA , and it’s bringing a host of performance vehicles with it.

BMW , say hello to the Essen Motor Show.

A few days ago, we caught word that the German automaker will be showcasing their BMW Performance and M Performance divisions on the show. The first car that you should look forward to seeing is the just revealed the 2012 BMW M3 Performance.

As far what the package has in store for us, you can expect it to be a little different from the 2011 model in that it will carry a new stripe package that harkens back to the classic look of the 70’s. Other aesthetic additions on the M3 Performance include plenty of exterior and interior carbon fiber trim, as well as a BMW Performance Alcantara sport steering wheel and pedal set.

Under its hood, the M3 Performance Package will still carry the same 4.0-liter V8 engine that produces 420 horsepower and mated to a 7-speed dual-clutch Drivelogic transmission.

For sure you have seen lots of crazy tuning packages out there, but its not everyday you have the chance to see one offered in an incredible Blue-Green paint job. But Wimmer RS, a German tuner that might be familiar to you for its incredible tuning packages has decided that the Mercedes C63 AMG will look better in two colors.

Their project - BlueGreen Eliminator - starts with a very impressive engine update. The tuner has added new sport camshafts, a new sport air filter by K & N that helps optimize the incoming air. Next to this the car has also received manifold, down pipe and special sport catalysts and of course a hand-made stainless steel exhaust system from the Wimmer House. And as a final touch to the engine the engine electronics have been adjusted. As a result the car is delivering a total of 601 HP and a peak torque of 531 lbs-ft. Top speed has been increased to 209 mph.

Next to the engine job Wimmer has also opted for a complete foiling of the body with blue and green /matte and of course a new set of 19" wheels combined with a MOV’IT ceramic brake system.

This amazing project will be displayed at the Essen Motor Show, so if it happens to be in the area this is something you have to see.

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