Citroen will bring the C6 Noir et Blanc concept car to the Geneva Motor Show this year. This model is a more luxurious version of the C6 limousine aimed for a more exclusive clientele. If the concept actually makes it to production, it will only be offered as a limited edition model.

The concept is finished in white with chromed elements for a sportier look. It also features elegant lines, a unique rear window, enough interior room for all of the passengers. The concept’s design was inspired by the Lignage prototype which was first shown at the Geneva Motor Show back in 1999.

The concept will be further distinguished by a head-up display, lane departure warning system, xenon directional headlamps, Hydractive suspension with electronically controlled springing and damping and a rear spoiler which automatically adjusts to speed and braking.

More details will be offered on March 3rd when the concept makes its debut in Geneva.

Citroen is further expanding its DS3 line-up with the addition of the Series Noire set to be revealed in just a few days at the Geneva Motor Show. There will be only 750 units built, based on either the THP 150 and HDi 110 engines. Prices will start at €24,750 - or about $33,800 at the current exchange rates.

The "Serie Noire" edition will be distinguished by matte black bodywork, a shiny black roof, 17-inch black, diamond-tipped Bellone wheels, a chrome-plated rubbing strip, and chrome-plated door mirror housings.

On the interior, the model will add Mistral/Lama leather upholstery with the fascia trim, air vent surrounds, interior door handle trim, and gear lever knob in the same shiny black color found on the roof. Standard equipment will include a MyWay navigation system and a HiFi system.

No modifications have been made under the hood, but with the added perks, this special edition gets a bit closer to the more powerful DS3-R model.

With only one week away from the Geneva Motor Show, Citroen is giving us a glimpse of some of the models they will be revealing in Switzerland. To be honest, we expected something along the lines of the Survolt concept revealed last year, but their Facebook official page is showing something a little less extravagant. Citroen’s new C3 Red Block model will make its official debut on March 3rd, 2011, and is described as the rebel version of the city car.

The French manufacturer hasn’t said a work about any engine updates the car may have received, but they did announce that the Red Block version will come with a lowered suspension, a new set of 17" wheels, and a matte red Thorium tint with a 3D Bulldog carved dashboard.

The goal of transforming the C3 into a more devilish reincarnation of itself is to attract younger buyers, but with no engine updates to speak of as of yet, we don’t know how successful Citroen will be in getting the kiddies to buy this car.

Saab’s entry level compact car has received a refresh for the 2012MY, and it also has a new name to go along with it. Now called the 9-3 Griffin for the US version, the hot hatch will be getting some interior and exterior modifications, as well as a couple of new engines.

Starting off with the exterior, the 9-3 Griffin will be receiving new front bumpers and signature Saab ‘ice block’ headlamps to differentiate itself from the earlier versions of the second generations. This is followed by a new metallic trim for the interior, as well as updated leatherette seats and unique storage pockets on the sides of the front seats.

More engine options will also find their way into the 9-3 Griffin, alongside the usual mix of 1.9-liter TTiD twin turbo diesel engines producing either 130, 160, 180hp. These new engines will come in 2.0L petrol flavors with 163hp or 220hp.

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It’s not unlikely that when a company undergoes some major ownership changes, they find ways to make a "comeback" of sorts to bring their name back onto the lips of automotive journalists everywhere, and not just for their paper shuffling buy-outs. Just look at the Saab-Spyker negotiations and the plethora of vehicles offered once the transfer was complete for a true-to-life example of this scenario. Now Italdesign Giugiaro - the same guys credited for their work on some of the greatest supercars to date - is getting ready to leave their recent Volkswagen buyout in the past with a new concept car which will debut at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show.

Italdesign Giugiaro hasn’t released any real details on the new concept just yet, but they have revealed their seemingly obligatory teaser image in order to rouse up some interest in the new concept before its debut. They have even launched an official web page for this yet-to-be-seen concept with a countdown to Geneva. If you’re wondering, we’re about six days away from the show at the time of this posting.

The only thing we could get from the obscure website information thus far, is that we believe the new concept will be either a hybrid or an electric vehicle, although our bets are on a full electric model showing its face at the show. They’ve waited this long for the unveiling, so why settle for a hybrid.

All in all, we are pretty excited about the new concept from Italdesign Giugiaro. The only thing that would burst our bubble is if the new concept turned out to be one of the two Volkswagen Group concepts in which Giugiaro had a hand in designing. We’ll just have to wait until March 3rd, 2011 with our fingers crossed for a new concept to get the answer to that.

UPDATE 02/23/11: All the build-up Volkswagen and Guigiaro were planning for their Geneva offering went for naught as teaser images of the two concepts - yep, there are two! - were revealed only a day after the German automaker released a teaser image of one of the concepts. No names were given on the cars, but it looks like one of the concepts will be a special iteration of the Volkswagen Golf Volkswagen Golf whereas the other could very well be a future Volkswagen Polo model. In any case, check out the photos in the photo gallery and take a look at two concepts Volkswagen and Giugiaro Italia have in store for us at the Geneva Motor Show.

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Back in 2008, Toyota and Subaru set out to make a RWD sports car that would take advantage of both of their strengths, and later details and images of these car made their way into our pages and put giant smiles on our faces. We would think that the next step would be the unveiling of production versions of the Toyota FT-86 and the Subaru FT-86 , but instead, Subaru is taking a step back by unveiling the RWD Concept at the Geneva Motor Show. Really? Give us a break!

Featuring Subaru’s horizontally-opposed Boxer engine, the RWD Concept will allow the company to show potential buyers just how Subaru proposes to integrate this expertise into a rear-wheel drive car to offer a new and highly enjoyable, Subaru-like driving experience.

A production version of the Subaru RWD Coupe - ahem, the Subaru FT-86 - is expected by the end of the 2011.

Next to the RWD Concept, Subaru will also display theImpreza concept and the new Trezia.

UPDATE 02/22/2011: Subaru has released the first teaser image of their BOXER Sports Car Architecture set to make its world debut at the Geneva motor Show. Check it out!

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As one of the biggest auto shows of the year, the Geneva Motor Show is one of those shows that is expected to attract a huge audience.

Understandably so, a lot of automakers are getting ready to put their best foot forward. For Italian automaker Alfa Romeo , the Geneva Motor Show is the perfect opportunity to introduce their new subcompact model, the 2011MY MiTo .

While it’s not exactly a completely different model, the 2011MY MiTo is nonetheless a refreshed version of the vehicle that promises to have a number of enhancements over its soon-to-be-predecessor, the current edition MiTo.

After its stop in Geneva, the new MiTo is expected to hit dealerships in Europe later this year where it promises to come with new options and technologies that will "enhance comfort and driving feel" for the new model.

Expect the Alfa Romeo MiTo to make its presence felt at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show with a couple of special ready to take center stage.

Details on the Alfa Romeo MiTo after the jump.

TechArt has tuned up just about every Porsche model it can get its hands on and now they are headed to the Geneva Motor Show with their new TA 058/T1 power kit as part of their Magnum program. This kit will be launched in the new generation Porsche Cayenne Turbo and will bump up the crossover’s power to a total of 560 hp and 780 NM of torque. As a result, the sprint from 0 to 60 mph is now made in 4.4 seconds, from 0 to 124 mph will be in 15.8 seconds, and the top speed halts at 178 mph.

In order to obtain this impressive engine update, TechArt is also offering an intelligent electronic power management and a TECHTRONIC engine management. The exterior comes with the usual Magnum program updates, including a front apron with two large air intakes and integrated TechArt daytime running lights, a TechArt Aero engine hood outfitted in carbon fiber with integrated air outlets, new side skirts, and elegant trims on all four doors. There is also a TechArt three-part tail light trim with an integrated spoiler shape in combination with the roof spoiler and a new exhaust system with sport tailpipes.

The Porsche Cayenne Turbo by TechArt does a number on the one provided by Merdad, another tuning firm. That kit only worked on the vehicle’s exterior and left the engine completely untouched. It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to know that adding more power to the car gets our vote almost instantaneously, but the fact that TechArt’s Cayenne also gets some nice exterior mods definitely lands them in our number one spot.

When we got our turn with the new Lexus F-Sports Edition , we weren’t all that impressed with the suped up IS 350C. Lexus had basically taken their boring sedan and juiced it up just for the sheer sport of it and, as it turns out, a geek on steroids still isn’t all that cool. Now it seems as if Lexus is bringing it back for the 2011MY, but with a few changes in its price and number of units.

Either people agreed with us and Lexus is lowering the price with the hopes that more units will sell and even out their bottom line, or the company thinks more people should get the chance to drive around in their pseudo-sports car. Something tells us that the jump from 100 units to 175 and the $55,120 (down from last year’s $57,500) price tag is more of a bargaining chip than it is a gesture of sincerity. Either way, the Lexus IS 350C F Sport Special Edition will go on sale at the end of February 2011.

Lexus didn’t concern themselves with upgrading the engine of the vehicle, which is probably a good thing because the car couldn’t handle the power it was given to begin with, but they did add a few new F Sport Performance accessories to make it worth our while - not that it is. They also changed the exterior colors from Tungsten Pearl and Obsidian to Starfire Pearl and Obsidian.

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Hyundai has announced the debut of the new i40 in March at the Geneva Motor Show. With the new i40, Hyundai will launch the new brand slogan "New Thinking. New Possibilities." The station wagon version will be the first body version to be launched and will be followed by a sedan version later this year.

At the car’s official launch Allan Rushforth, Senior Vice President and COO of Hyundai Motor Europe said: "Offering more for less has always been a fundamental principle at Hyundai, and now we are advancing this with our new brand direction under the ‘New Thinking. New Possibilities.’ slogan. The i40 is a perfect example of how we are offering the best and making it accessible to everyone. From stunning design and specification, to industry-leading technology and aftersales care – the i40 sets itself apart from its competitors."

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