Next to the Ford Mustang GT 5.0 developed in cooperation with UTi, Tjin Edition will also display an incredible 2012 Chevy Camaro SS Convertible next week at the SEMA Show. This tuned up Camaro was developed with Scott Westreicher in cooperation with Extreme Dimensions.

The Chevrolet Camaro begins its transformation with a Gurnade / Tjin Edition ED body kit consisting of a new front bumper, side skirts, a rear valance, a rear spoiler, a carbon fiber hood, and a deck lid. The car will sit on a new set of 22 Forgestar wheels to match the black double stripe running down the hood of the custom Smurf Blue Dupont painted muscle car.

The special Camaro SS Convertible’s 426 HP LS3 engine also gets a performance boost thanks to a Vortech supercharger and a MagnaFlow Exhaust, but specific output figures have yet to be released. Joining the modifications are an Air Lift suspension, GlowShift gauges, and a custom Unique Fabrication roll cage.

Stay tuned, because we’ll be front and center in Vegas when the 2011 SEMA Auto Show opens its doors!

Remember the Mustang "Blue Angels" Edition we reported on back in the summer? Well, the guys responsible for that electrifying blue and yellow paint job are back again, this time with another stellar project for the 2011 SEMA Auto Show. Creations n’ Chrome will be headed to Vegas with a new package based on the 2012 Mustang GT 5.0 called "Boy Racer."

Unfortunately, all they have released thus far is a teaser video of their project, but from this video we have learned that the Boy Racer will come with a special Red chrome paint finish combined with black carbon fiber paint on the hood, roof, and trunk. The Blue Angels Edition released over the summer was to celebrate the 100th anniversary of naval aviation, so maybe this new color scheme is representative of another special group.

Whatever the reason behind the color choice, it will be further enhanced with interior and performance modifications that will be made known when the 2011 SEMA Auto Show opens its doors. Creations n’ Chrome boosted the previous Mustang’s 412 HP all the way up to 500 HP, so maybe the 302 cubic inch 32 valve V8 will get a similar, or better, improvement.

For now, patience is key, but enjoy this teaser video and see if you can come up with any other inspiration ideas behind the Boy Racer.

In its standard version, the Lexus IS 350C is powered by a 3.5-liter V6 that delivers 306 HP, but at the 2011 SEMA Auto Show, VIP Auto Salon is going to show what the convertible is truly capable. Their new tuning package for the IS 350C will push out an additional 80 HP, as well as look exceptional good doing it.

The kit starts off right where we like it: the engine. VIP Auto Salon installed a power enterprise Rotex Supercharger kit by Apexi x VIP Auto Salon and a PTS Joe Z Series header back exhaust system to get a total output of 386 HP. The performance will undoubtedly be improved with this extra power, as well as the custom carbon fiber styling package including a front lip spoiler, side diffusers, rear diffusers, a rear trunk spoiler, eye lines, and a Seibon carbon fiber hood.

The exterior looks exquisite in a cool Chameleon paint by K&W enhanced by a Huper Optik ceramic film by STM. The final touch for the exterior is laid out with a new set of 19" Full-Face forged alloy wheels. The interior is then updated with custom seat inserts by Top Stitch, an F-Sport carbon shift knob, F-Sport floor mats, and an F-Sport carbon fiber engine cover.

All told, the Lexus IS 350C is a convertible we can all see ourselves driving to the beach in.

The Lexus CT 200h was developed as a means to get greater fuel efficiency without too much thought put into the sportiness of the vehicle. That’s the typical thought process involved in producing a hybrid, but Five Axis has a different way of thinking. They have developed a new tuning package for the hybrid hatchback just in time for one of the greatest tuning events in the world: the 2011 SEMA Auto Show. Their package shows that even hybrids can look great combining an aggressive exterior look with a sporty interior and that same tremendous fuel economy of the CT 200h .

The look begins with a custom widebody conversion and a mysterious JDSU "Dark Passage" paint combined with custom black accents. The interior gets a touch more spunk with bright orange accents, uniquely appointed seats with laser etched Ultrasuede EcoDesign inserts, custom illuminated headliner with Ultrasuede EcoDesign Upholstery, and upholstery by Turinmodel, Inc., and 3M Crystalline window film by The Tint Factory. The technological factor was also boosted with a custom Touchscreen Interface center console. A set of 19" forged wheels complete the vehicle’s overall look, while a new Stop Tech high performance big brake kit and a TEIN Flex Coilover suspension system provide a better stability.

The engine for the Lexus CT 200h remains the same, but the 134 hp 1.8 liter VVT-i petrol engine, powerful electric motor, generator, high performance battery, power control unit, and power split device is enough of a setup to leave alone for now. After all, a responsible and environmentally friendly vehicle with a touch of sport and fun? Sign us up!

What if we had the money to customize our very own Ford Mustang ? That question has lead to countless hours of daydreaming about the perfect combination of tricks and accessories, with no real hope of getting the resources to actually do it. But while we were dreaming, some guys over at CoolFords.com ended up designing their dream vehicle into this cool 3D model that will be displayed next week at the SEMA Show. The goal is to get someone excited enough about their project to dish out the cash needed for the conversion.

Their project is based on the most impressive Mustang: the Mustang Boss 302 Laguna Seca and has been developed in RPM-3D, a leader in 3D Motorsports Graphics.

"The BOSS 302 is a well known brand so we did not want to "Re-Invent" the car or the base scheme, but we wanted to provide a custom look specifically for CoolFords.com. We also took into account that some day CoolFords.com may build this actual car, so we designed it in a way that would allow that to easily take place without too much extra expense or work on their end."

If you draw it, they will hand over the cash? Something tells us this isn’t going to quite work out they way these guys want it to, but props for getting out there and trying.

Richard Petty - better known for his incredible results in NASCAR - launched "Petty’s Garage" back in 2008, a high performance speed shop that produces vehicle such as the Signature Series based on the 2010 Dodge Challenger . This vehicle made an appearance in Jay Leno’s Garage where the talk show host had his way with it, against “The King’s” orders, but we’re thinking he may regret his little rebellion if Petty decides to not let him near his latest creation. Petty’s entry into the 2011 SEMA Auto Show is a new Signature Series based on a Ford Mustang which will be displayed at the BASF booth at the show.

As with any prominent tuning figure, Petty has released little to no details on his latest creation, but the images that were released show an extreme body kit that immediately stands out, as does that electric blue paint job. The bump on the hood hides a Whipple supercharger that will increase the total output to an impressive 650 HP. The car will also be equipped with an upgraded suspension system, bigger brakes, and an updated interior.

It’s a good thing SEMA is just a few days away because the wait is excruciating!

The new Lexus GS350 debuted at the 2011 Pebble Beach Concours, leaving many with the building anticipation for its F-Sport package sibling. That wait will soon be over as Lexus will be headed to the 2011 SEMA Auto Show with the GS F-Sport and will be displaying it from Nov. 1st-4th, 2011.

The new GS F-Sport harbors the same 306 HP 3.5-liter V6 engine from the standard model, but adds "the ability to take performance to an entirely new level." The F-Sport package adds unique exterior and interior design treatments, as well as an F-Sport-tuned Adaptive Variable Suspension (AVS), thicker anti-roll bars, bushing changes, and new larger front brakes with high friction pads.

"The all-new GS 350 with F-Sport package will offer our customers more agility and a sportier appearance," said Mark Templin, Lexus group vice president and general manager. “The racing-inspired F-Sport components were precision engineered for this vehicle, providing quality performance without compromise."

Hit the jump to read more about the Lexus GS 350 F-Sport.

The second Z-Spec concept to be displayed at the 2011 SEMA Auto Show is the Sonic Z-Spec #2. The concept is painted in Flat White with Torch Red accents to give it a bit of life. Joining the new exterior paint job is a range of accessories from Z-Spec - the company’s line of performance, styling, and personalization accessories.

The Chevrolet Sonic is built on the Sonic Z-Spec Concept revealed at the beginning of 2011. It features a more aggressive ground effects package, a unique grille, a rear spoiler, and a graphics package.

The Sonic Z-Spec #2 sits on a new set of 18" wheels and features a re-trimmed interior with Z-Spec sports pedal kit, a Z-Spec sport shift knob, and a flat-bottom steering wheel. It also features custom racing seats with the Z-Spec logo.

The concept was offered with a 1.4 liter turbo engine and a six-speed manual transmission. Performance upgrades for the Z-Spec #2 include brakes with four-piston calipers, a high-flow exhaust system, and new suspension parts. Nothing has been said about the new figures for the Z-Spec #2, but we should have more details soon.

"The Sonic and Cruze concepts demonstrate that performance comes in all shapes, sizes and displacements at Chevrolet ."

Chevrolet ’s presence at this year’s SEMA Show is just further proof that small cars can be fun, especially when outfitted with a range of accessories from Z-Spec - the company’s line of performance, styling, and personalization accessories.

The first concept - the Sonic Z-Spec #1 - is based on a turbocharged five-door Sonic. The concept is finished in a special Torch Red exterior finish with a set of 18-inch wheels to top it off. The exterior package also includes a Z-Spec spoiler, a unique grille, and a graphics package.

The interior of the Sonic Z-Spec brings in more dynamic red with a Cobalt Red cabin with custom trim, and perforated black suede seat inserts to compliment it. Other features include a Z-Spec sport pedal kit, sport shift knob, and a racing-style flat-bottom steering wheel. Additional upgrades include performance brakes with four-piston calipers, a new high-flow exhaust system, and performance suspension parts.

"The heritage of Chevrolet cars like the Corvette and Camaro is being expressed in smaller packages for the next generation," said Chris Perry, vice president, global marketing and strategy for Chevrolet. ’The Sonic and Cruze concepts demonstrate that performance comes in all shapes, sizes and displacements at Chevrolet."

DSO Eyewear is clearly not a new automaker looking to steal the scene, but they are experts in developing sunglasses. What does this have to do with the 2011 SEMA Auto Show? Well, DSO Eyewear has teamed up with Ford to work on a customized Ford Explorer . According to the companies’ initial statements, their Explorer was inspired by current fashion trends and embraces an active sports urban lifestyle.

The new Explorer by DSO Eyewear features a cool BASF Pearl Tri-Coat White paint with black chrome detailing on the exterior to give the car a contemporary look. The exterior also gets a new set of Niche 24-inch three-piece wheels that are combined with a lowered suspension. The exterior gives way to the interior showcasing Katzkin Midnight Tuscany leather with perforated Raven Suede accents. The lighting is high-tech, with Advanced Automotive Concepts custom LED headlamps.

Nothing else was said about the Ford Explorer , so we’ll all have to tune in to the 2011 SEMA Auto Show next week to see if DSO Eyewear should keep their day job.

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