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The world heard the Beetle name for the first time back in 1938 and with 73 long and impressive years tucked away nicely under their belts, Volkswagen has never really strayed away from their original design. The appeal for the Beetle never really faltered because it was, in fact, a unique design, but Volkswagen has made the decision to reignite the passion for the Beetle with efficient engines and innovative features combined to obtain a ‘modern classic’ in the 2012 Beetle. The vehicle will make its first appearance in China, at the Shanghai Motor Show, and then it will be brought to the 2011 New York Auto Show. Sales on the North American market will begin this autumn, while Europe sales will start in early 2012.

The new Beetle shares its platform with the new Volkswagen Jetta and will be 1,808 mm wide (84 mm wider), 1,486 mm tall (12 mm lower), and 4,278 mm long (152 mm longer). Thanks to the new proportions, the roof is extended further, the front windscreen shifted back, and the rear section follows the contour of the original Beetle.

US customers will have the possibility to choose from three trim levels - "Beetle", "Design," and "Sport" - and three engines - one diesel and two petrol.

UPDATE 05/03/13: VW has just announced a mid-model-year change for the Beetle Turbo, which includes a nice power hike and some exterior updates.

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The upcoming SSC Tuatara is the hotly anticipated sophomore album from the Washington-based SSC North America team. SSC has built a name for itself via impressive top-speed-record runs with its existing model, the Diablo -esque SSC Ultimate Aero XT.

The Tuatara’s development continued this spring with engine and gearbox setups being refined since the concept car was revealed in late 2011. The new model builds a stunning exterior and interior atop the brute-force mechanical package from the Ultimate Aero XT . The latest news to emerge from the firm is a 250 pound-feet bump in engine torque following durability testing, and news of a 300 mph speedometer, feeding rumors of a top speed well above the 276 mph initially quoted.

The style and presence of the white concept Tuatara created quite a stir when shown at Pebble Beach in 2011. Designed by the talented-but-bizarre Jason Castriota of SAAB and Fiat fame, the Tuatara most closely resembles the 2006 Maserati Birdcage 75th concept car in its smooth flowing panels and deep, milky-white paint finish. Castriota also worked on the Birdcage, but was not the lead designer. He now runs an independent design consultancy called Castriota Design.

UPDATE 5/1/2013: SSC just completed testing the Tuatara on the dyno and released all of the results. A release date has been officially set too. See more after the jump

Please follow the jump to learn more about the SSC Tuatara ahead of its first customer deliveries in January 2014.

Cadillac’s recently unveiled XTS Platinum Concept has been made over into a production model revealed at the 2011 Los Angeles Auto Show. The Cadillac XTS sedan will hit dealer showrooms in 2012 in late spring or early summer as a competitor for models like the Audi A6 , the BMW 5-Series , and the Mercedes-Benz E-Class .

The new XTS will be placed above the CTS in the current Cadillac line-up and will deliver "the space, elegance, and dramatic presence that are Cadillac signatures, but with entirely new and technically advanced methods tuned for a new generation of luxury customers."

"The Cadillac XTS represents a new formula for luxury, driven by advanced technology," said Don Butler, vice president of Cadillac Marketing. "XTS showcases the evolution of our Art & Science philosophy, merging the best technical ideas with the continued refinement of Cadillac design."

UPDATE 05/22/2012: We have just added 50 new high res images in the XTS picture gallery, including images of the Platinum Collection. Enjoy!

UPDATE 06/08/2012: Cadillac has unveiled a new video featuring XTS’ new Reconfigurable Gauge Cluster that allows you to customize your instruments, giving you a whole new level of control.

Richard Childress Racing Street Performance partnered with General Motors to create RC1 Camaros to pay homage to legendary racer, Dale Earnhardt. The latest rendition of the RC1 series came just one model year after the Camaro beat all odds and made a successful comeback following its deletion in 2002.

This 2011 Camaro SS/RC1 is based on the 2011 Camaro SS, but features much more than any normal SS on the market. It not only features a stylish design, but it also packs a mean bite under the hood. This particular 2011 Camaro SS/RC1 was not offered to the public, but instead Richard Childress Racing (RCR) built several of the RC1 Camaros and shipped them straight to RK Motors Charlotte.

The RC1 is the first of the series and the least powerful of the three. Of course, being the least powerful of the RC-series is not saying much, as the top-end RC3 pumps out a concrete pummeling 750 horsepower. The best thing is that this special edition Chevy Camaro is in a price range that a working class Joe can actually afford. You may be wondering how much it actually is and what you get for your money.

Click past the jump to read our full review and answer all of your questions.

Next to the 2013 MKT debut at the 2011 Los Angeles Auto Show, Lincoln has also presented the new MKS luxury sedan. For the 2013 model year, the MKS has received better handling, increased power, improved fuel efficiency, additional standard equipment, more refinement, and new technologies.

The model has received a contemporary new look that includes a new grille, HID headlamps, front fascia, hood, and front fenders. The rear of the vehicle was updated with a new fascia, LED tail lamps, new exhaust tips, and a new decklid design that improves access to the trunk.

The 2013 Lincoln MKS will be offered in three versions: V6 FWD, V6 AWD, and EcoBoost V6 AWD. The first two models are powered by a 3.7-liter V6 that now includes twin independent variable camshaft timing (Ti-VCT) and delivers a total of 300 HP (increased from the previous 273 HP). Fuel economy comes in at 19 mpg city/28 mpg highway for the front-wheel drive model and18mpg city/26 mpg highway with the all-wheel-drive model. The more powerful version gets a 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6 engine that delivers a total of 355 HP.

UPDATE 05/15/2012: Lincoln has unveiled a cool commercial for their latest 2013 MKS that takes us back in time and presents the most important moments from the company’s history. Enjoy!

Hit the jump to read more about the 2013 Lincoln MKS.

It’s been more than a year since Toyota unveiled the concept version of the FT-86 Coupe at the 2009 Tokyo Motor Show. During that year, we’ve heard so many reports, rumors, and whispers about the car, that we’re beginning to think that this could very well be the second-coming of Toyota’s iconic Celica line.

Now, after months of speculation on our part and hardcore testing on Toyota’s part, the Japanese company has finally unveiled the production FT 86 , only it will be called the GT-86 instead. The new name was chosen as a tribute to Toyota’s GT car heritage and the exhilarating drivability of the Corolla Levin AE86. The Toyota GT-86’s official debut will be made at the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show.

The new GT 86 is based on an entirely new platform and features a low, highly aerodynamic bodyshell. It is powered by the same engine as its Subaru sibling - a 2.0 liter, naturally-aspirated petrol engine - but will only deliver 200 HP as opposed to Subaru’s promised 300 HP. That being said, the base BRZ will come with the same 200 HP that the new GT-86 is sporting, bringing these two models closer than originally anticipated. Subaru’s promised 300 HP will be present in the STI version, leading us to believe that a G-Sports variant for the GT-86 will bring forth the same amount of power. This borrowed engine will be mated to either a six-speed manual or a six-speed automatic transmission.

UPDATE 07/10/2012: Nino Karotta made one of the most epic reviews for the new GT 86. He crosses Europe in a GT86 to put it up against his AE86 on a racetrack. Hit the jump to see the results.

Hit the jump to read more about the new Toyota GT 86.

After a long array of teasing, Ferrari has finally revealed the official details on their new successor for the 612 Scaglietti . Called the FF - an acronym for Ferrari Four (four seats and four-wheel drive), the new model is the company’s most powerful, versatile four-seater ever, as well as its first ever four-wheel drive car.

The concept car was designed by Pininfarina, and according to Ferrari "the new car represents not so much an evolution as a true revolution." The new model will deliver "unprecedented level an extremely sporty, high-performance character with incredible versatility, superb comfort and sophisticated elegance, guaranteeing both driver and passengers an absolutely unique driving experience."

The new Ferrari FF GT sports car concept made its world debut at the Geneva Motor Show in March, and a production version will follow by 2012.

UPDATE 03/14/2011: If the new Ferrari FF happens to be in your future acquisitions list, then you should try the configurator Ferrari has just placed online for it. However, we should warn you, no matter what color you choose, the car won’t look any better.

UPDATE 05/07/2012: Ferrari is celebrating 60 years of Her Majesty The Queen Elizabeth II’s reign with a very cool video featuring the new FF. Ferrari will be at the very heart of the Diamond Jubilee Pageant with a series of classic and contemporary models.

UPDATE 10/16/12: The first production Ferrari FF has been sent to its owner in the Netherlands. YouTube user SpotterGijs managed to get a glimpse of the first production FF meeting its new owner. Hop on over after the jump to check out the video!

Hit the jump to read more about the 2012 Ferrari FF.

After being teased for quite some time now, the Rimac Concept One has finally made its official debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The Concept One is not only the proof that "supercar" and "electric" can be used in the same sentence, but it also previews a limited edition model that will arrive in 2013 in a quantity of only 88 units.

Mind blowing as it is to comprehend, Rimac is promising an output that’s unheard of for an electric sports car. Concept One uses a unique powertrain which is divided into four sub-systems, each consisting of one motor, inverter and reduction gearbox. With a total output of 1,088 HP and 2,802 lb/ft of torque, the Concept One will sprint from 0 to 60 mph in only 2.8 seconds and comes with an electronically limited top speed of 189 mph.

The Concept One is the work of some of the most famous designers around the world. The carbon-fiber body is designed by Adriano Mudri, while the interior is designed by a team of former Pininfarina employees, led by Mr. Goran Popović.

UPDATE 04/20/12: The Rimac Concept One has been on display at the 2012 Top Marques Monaco, which was the perfect opportunity for the company to unveil new images of the supercar. Check them out in the picture gallery!

UPDATE 05/07/12: Rimac has unveiled a cool teaser video for their Concept One supercar that will be produced in a limited run of only 88 units. Watch the video and see if this car is really worth the €740,000 ($980,000 at the current rates) price tag associated with it.

Hit the jump to read more on the Rimac Concept One.

After a very long wait, Ford has finally unveiled the production version of the dramatic new Focus ST at the Frankfurt Motor Show, and they’ve also announced that, next to the standard five-door model, Europeans will also be getting a station wagon version. The Focus ST is Ford’s first truly global performance car and Ford promises it will combine power with fuel efficiency and an impressive handling characteristic.

For the new model, Ford has tuned the 2.0-liter Ford EcoBoost engine with a redesigned intake and a new exhaust system with a unique engine calibration for a total output of 250 HP. The engine was combined with a 6-speed manual transmission which has also been specially revised for the ST.

Ford has also announced that many of the design elements seen in the Focus ST will also be used in all the future ST models. These elements include the aggressively enhanced front and rear bumpers and the addition of a rear spoiler and sideskirts, plus a unique signature color.

UPDATE 05/01/2012: All hatchback performance enthusiasts are monitoring the upcoming release of the new Ford Focus ST salivating like a pack of dogs surrounding a meaty T-bone steak. There is good reason for this excitement, as this 2.0-liter turbocharged Focus pumps out a stout 247 horsepower and 265 pound-feet of torque, which is an astonishing 45 percent more horsepower and 83 percent more torque than the final model year of the Focus SVT (2004).

Well, the Ford Focus ST ordering books are now open and prices have been revealed. Let’s start with the base model Focus ST, which it is set at $23,700. The Ford Focus ST2 (group 201A) has a base MSRP of $26,205 minus a $120 discount and the ST3 (group 202A) has a base MSRP of $28,540 minus a $405 discount. Granted, this is all barring dealerships doing the ultimate screw-the-customer move and slapping a “Market-Based Markup” on the sticker price. Hit the jump for more pricing details!

UPDATE 07/17/12: Ford has released a new video of their highly amazing Focus ST doing what it does best: running roughshod over the race track and calling out some of its competitors. Heck, Ken Block and Tanner Foust are also in the video. Good times all around! Check it out by clicking on the photo above!

UPDATE 01/22/13: The Ford Focus ST is now available in the UK with a base price £16,995. Depending on the trim and options you avail, expect that price to go up significantly.

Hit the jump to read more about the Ford Focus ST.

As automotive journalists, we see a lot of varying racecars and racing trucks, so only a few actually make us do a double take and think “what the…” Well, the 2011 Ford “Bronco” Trophy Truck is one of those vehicles that we just cannot walk away from.

This beast was built by Marshall Madruga in honor of the classic road-racing truck, the “Big Oly.” This off-road racing version of the “Big Oly” made its debut in 2009 at the Off-Road Expo in Pomina, CA. It also made a cameo in the Bilstein booth at SEMA, in 2009 and has been in a few magazines, including DirtSports, Off Road, and Bronco Driver.

So why is this important to you? Well, the 2011 Ford Bronco Trophy Truck has just popped up for sale on Ebay. To boot, this truck is even registered as street legal in the state of California.

So how realistic is it to drive this pickup on the road? Check out the full review to see if this is a feasible mode of transportation, or just eye candy to take to the dunes every now and again.

Hit the jump to read the full review.

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