We have seen the supercar , supertruck , and we are just starting to get into the superSUV , so what else could engineers possibly put “super” in front of? Well, the engineers at the Delft Institute of Technology have a new one for you, the Superbus.

The Superbus has been a long work in progress and we have brought you several updates. First we broke the news to you about the designing of such a machine , back in 2006. In 2011, we alerted you that the machine was finally complete and could hit top speeds of 155 mph on electric power only.

Well, here we are, six years after its initial conception and we finally have and a purpose for this Lamborghini-meets-school-bus electric mass transit system, as well as a road-legal model. According to Fox News, a license plate was finally issued for this creation, which makes road testing legal, allowing its engineers to see how well it performs in real life.

You may wonder what in the world anyone would need with a 50-foot-long, 23-seat, six-wheeled Superbus. Well, the United Arab Emirates have your answer. Dubai and Abu Dhabi, two UAE members, are separated by about 75 miles of highways and want a way to connect the two cities with as little travel time as possible.

The two cities plan to build a stretch of highways connecting them and purchasing a fleet of these Superbuses to trek this journey in just 30 minutes. That’s some serious ass haulin’. We are at least three years away from seeing a production version of this all-electric Superbus, but the issuing of a license plate is a promising site. We will keep you updated on this slow development project as news becomes available.

You can catch a glimpse of this Superbus in the above video.

Source: Fox News
BMW i8 Concept

There has been much speculation about the potential release of a production version of the i8 that was teased back in February. This time we are being nice and not just teasing you, BMW is releasing this hybrid semi-supercar in 2014.

This release is coming on the heels of Ferrari announcing that it will officially debut its V-12 hybrid Enzo next year, which will bear a similar, though significantly larger, gasoline engine-electric motor setup as the i8 will. It seems with all of these sporty and relatively fast super-Eco cars coming out of the wood work even the big boys are taking a turn toward the green market.

With this sudden push to the green, it may be just a matter of time until the entire supercar realm is dominated by super-electrics, and these hybrids are certainly a push in the right direction. Plus, as automakers start seeing these hybrid and electric supercars, they might decide that their own high performance vehicles, like the Camaro , Mustang and Corvette , can bear electric or hybrid drivetrains and still deliver the performance their customers require.

Hit the jump for more information on the BMW i8.

Source: Car Magazine
Infiniti EMERG-E

The New York Auto Show is quickly approaching and details are still rolling in on vehicle reveals and concept showings. One concept that will be making an appearance in New York is an all-electric Infiniti vehicle, not to be confused with the hybrid ENERG-E (pictured above). Nissan Motor Co., Infiniti’s parent company, is holding its cards very close with this one, so the details are a little sketchy.

This new EV concept it is reportedly going to borrow the Nissan Leaf’s powertrain – including its 80 kW engine – but the Infiniti will likely sport a larger battery. Experts are claiming that this EV will be a ‘performance’ focused vehicle, despite the use of the Leaf’s drivetrain. To help add to the confused look on your face as you attempt to view the Leaf’s motor as anything near ‘performance,’ a sub-nine-second 0-to-60 time has been rumored – at least two seconds faster than the Leaf. How Infiniti plans to do that baffles even us.

Also rumored is that the Infiniti is going to feature high-end luxury items, as expected of a typical Infiniti. According to Nissan Motor Co., this new EV will borrow styling cues from both the G sedan and the JX crossover , which certainly adds up to a very stylish vehicle.

One thing is certain; Infiniti has slated an electric vehicle to be released in 2014. Whether it’ll be this EV or another future concept is still uncertain. As of now, this is all there is to share about this upcoming electric vehicle, but if more details roll out between now and the April 4th New York Auto Show, we will pass them on.

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