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A few weeks ago, German tuner 9ff unveiled the GTurbo tuning package, but while the most powerful version developed 1,000 HP, 9ff pulled the GTurbo 1200 straight out of a hat during the Essen Motorshow. For those not packing much common sense, that’s a model developing a spectacular 1,200 HP.

The GTurbo 1200 is based on a Porsche GT2 model, but is modified to be made lighter. There are a series of carbon fiber elements, along side and rear windows that have been replaced by Macrolon items. There is also a new set of 19" wheels.

After 9ff added titanium connecting rods, 9ff cylinder head with bigger valves and ports, 9ff camshafts, and 130mm intercoolers, the twin-turbo engine now develops an impressive 1200 HP and 1100 NM of torque. The car can sprint from 0 to 60 mph in 2.8 seconds and will hit an impressive 248 mph. The whole package is finished by a new titanium exhaust system that has adjustable valves for a quiet, sportier sound. The car is currently available for sale at a price of 219,000 euro (around $285,000).

UPDATE 12/13/2010: The monsieur’s over at OptionAuto were given the chance to take the 9ff GTurbo 1200 for a test run – lucky, lucky, lucky – and did they take the hammer down on this bad boy, documenting the whole escapade in a five-part video that you can find after the jump.

Specifications after the jump.

German tuners,9ff , can simply rock your world when it comes to tuning up some of the fastest and most spectacular Porsche models known to man, and they’ve been doing so since 2001 when they first opened their doors to Porsche lovers everywhere. This year, this sensational team of tuning experts will be headed to the upcoming Essen Motor Show with the fastest 911 they have ever built. The new tuning kit will be called the BT1000 and, while the tuner has yet to offer any details on it, we presume that the "1000" in the nomenclature has something to do with the number of ponies tucked up inside the hood.

It doesn’t really matter if we have that type of confirmation anyway as 9ff have let out that the BT1000 creation can get from 0-186mph in an impressive 15.9 seconds, about 2.8 seconds faster than their record-breaking Porsche GT3 GTurbo. .

The first images of the souped-up Porsche were also revealed, and with them came evidence that the exterior was looked after juts about as much as the power was. 9ff saw it fit to add new front bumpers, side skirts, a new rear spoiler and a rear wing, all to increase the aerodynamic efficiency of their latest kit. Look closely and you will also be able to notice a new sport exhaust system and a new set of wheels.

That’s about it for all of the details that were laid out for us, but stay tuned as the Essen Motorshow draws near. We’ll keep you posted with any other details leaked before the doors are opened.

Who can make a Porsche 911 GT3 look even better than it already does? That’s easy: the German tuner 9ff . Their GTurbo program offers the possibility of extracting a total of 1000 HP from your GT3 . That impressive amount of power was possible thanks to a Bi-Turbo conversion. However if 1000 HP is just to much for you, then you have other options to choose from: 9ff GTurbo750 – 750 HP, 9ff GTurbo850 – 850 HP, 9ff GTurbo1000 – 1000 HP.

The 9ff exterior kit includes: a front apron with built in LED indicators, lower side skirts and a redesigned rear apron, sport exhaust system and 19" alloy wheels in five double spoke design. With this many horses under the hood, the modified 911 ’s performance is more than impressive, going from 0 to 60 MPH in 3.0 seconds in the GTurbo850 and only 2.9 seconds in the GTurbo1000. The 9ff kit is good to accelerate from 0 to 300 km/h in 18.7 seconds and 16.5 seconds respectively while the top speed goes up to 243 MPH.

UPDATE 11/17/2010: 9ff has dropped a video of the Porsche GT3 GTurbo 850 as it raced to posting a new 381 km/h world record on the German Autobahn. They absolutely succeeded, but the best part is, the GTurbo 850’s top speed is still higher than that! It’s not the most aesthetically pleasing video you’ll ever see, but all you need to do to appreciate it is watch the speed counter on the Porsche’s dash as it rapidly accelerates, topping out at 381 km/h (237mph).

We are well aware of what the German tuning firm 9ff is capable of when they put their minds to something, like the 253 MPH GT9R or the 850 HP BT2 complete with classic Gulf Racing livery. However 9ff is set to unveil something a little more mundane at the upcoming 2009 Essen Motor Show with the Speed9. While it is based on a 911 Turbo , 9ff is paying homage to the classic 1955 Porsche 356 1500S Speedster for all those high performance Porsche aficionados who want to ride around with the wind in their hair.

9ff Speed9

Thanks to modern day running gear, the only thing that is reminiscent of the old ’55 is the styling. Covering that aspect 9ff included a new ground effects package that consists of a new front apron, side skirts and rear bumper along with 9ff Speed9 sports seats and matching steering wheel. The 911 Turbo that serves as the vehicle’s foundation received an upgraded ECU, free flowing exhaust and a set of sport catalytic converters that let the bi turbo flat six breathe to the tune of 650 HP and 656 lb-ft of torque. Even though 9ff hasn’t let us in on any performance figures as of yet, you can expect the Speed9 to go faster than you ever want to with the top down.

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